Your Technology Game Plan
for a Better Stadium Experience

CDW•G can help you pack your seats, support your stadium operations and lead your team to victory with strategic tech upgrades.



Fans who can share, interact and stay social on one stadium Wi-Fi network thanks to CDW•G

Give Fans Living-Room Comforts on Game Day

Serve up exclusive content, promotions and instant replays through mobile apps, beaconing technology and digital signage.
Let fans upgrade their seats and order concessions from any seat with the tap of a phone.
Connect 70,000+ fans to your wireless network with Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi.
Provide an interactive, stadium-exclusive experience that keeps them coming back, game after game.

Big-Game Bandwidth

Empower Your Staff for Big Wins

Instantly connect staff across the stadium or satellite training centers with VoIP.

Lower power and cooling costs, and reduce data center outages.

Ensure fast, secure concession sales across your stadium with mobile POS systems.

Lead Your Team to Victory

Develop a winning game plan using data analytics.
Enhance training with sports wearables, such as GoPro action cameras.
Get your coaching staff and players on the same page with digital playbooks.

GoPro: Jon Gruden -
Finish Strong

Watch Us Change the Game

From professional sports organizations to college venues, we work with you to build a custom stadium solution that fits your needs, budget and existing infrastructure. See what’s in our playbook.


Stadium Wi-Fi and Mobile Solutions


Start a Wireless Wave

Stadium-grade Wi-Fi isn’t just about modernizing your infrastructure; it’s about creating an interactive network that connects your fans, players and staff. From your concession stands to your bleachers, discover how upgraded Wi-Fi is a win-win for your entire stadium.

For your fans

Fans with stadium mobile apps can watch instant replays, check in with fantasy teams and order food from their seats.

For your staff

Operations staff can wirelessly scan tickets, use mobile POS for faster concession sales and seat upgrades, and track customer behavior via Bluetooth-powered beacon technology and targeted promotions.

For your team

Using tablets, coaches can instantly share digital playbooks and access player data transmitted by athlete monitoring devices.

Our Wi-Fi Wins

Let’s Talk About Connected Stadium Technology

We gave 70,288 fans secure Wi-Fi access during the year’s biggest football game.
See how we did it (article).

Our engineers installed 500 Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi access points in one Georgia stadium.
Get the scoop (article).

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Stadium Power and Cooling, Storage and Cloud Computing


Keep Your Data Center Cool Under Pressure

Just like your stadium supports your team, fans and staff, your data center is the backbone for your network. As the nerve center of your stadium, it must be able to store concession stand transactions, track consumer purchasing habits, support video highlights, analyze player data and much, much more.

Our CDW•G team can help you get a handle on the unprecedented amount of data that’s flowing into your data center. Working with top players on our roster, such as APC and NetApp, we’ll help you customize your data center to include everything from smart data storage and backup to efficient power and cooling solutions, creating a scalable infrastructure built for IT victories.

Big hits, Big plays, Big data

Thanks to a data center upgrade from CDW, this professional football team can send video playbooks, stats or coaches’ notes to players using the cloud.
Learn more about our data center solutions.

Make Major League Cloud Upgrades

Cloud computing can lower your operational costs while improving security, increasing productivity and providing disaster-recovery backup. We can help you build a custom cloud solution using our best-of-breed partners. Explore our cloud offerings.

We're On your team

We worked hand in hand with a leading golf resort to implement a three-year phased upgrade plan for the resort’s data center, wireless infrastructure and phone systems. See how it came together (pdf).

We’ve upgraded infrastructure in stadiums big and small. Contact us to explore custom solutions for your stadium.


Stadium Collaboration


Three Cheers for Collaboration

Whether your custom collaboration solution includes telephony, video chat or cloud collaboration, we make sure your upgrades fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Make Sure Everyone Knows the Score

For the staff

Our IP telephony systems let you communicate seamlessly throughout the stadium and with satellite training facilities.

For the Fans

Thanks to Cisco StadiumVision, we can help you share instant replays, offers and scores across the stadium so your fans don’t miss a minute of the action.

We Hit It out of the park

We slashed a pro baseball team’s phone bill by installing VoIP phones that connect its Chicago stadium with training centers in Arizona and the Dominican Republic.
Learn about our strategy (pdf).

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Stadium Screens and Signage


Make Every Seat the Best in the House

Bigger. Taller. Brighter. Backed by Cisco StadiumVision technology, our stadium content sharing and digital signage solutions keep your fans in the game no matter where they’re seated.

During the game

Deliver instant replays to screens and mobile apps, and push targeted promotions and ads.

Between plays

With Cisco StadiumVision broadcasting to your venue’s screens, fans standing in line for concessions or souvenirs won’t miss a moment of the action.

Pick a Winning Team

We think big

We outfitted one stadium with 3,100 flat screens and Cisco StadiumVision to keep fans engaged no matter where they are.

We go long

We can design and implement an infrastructure strategy that supports digital signage and telepresence, customizing solutions for any stadium and budget.

Talk to us about your custom digital signage options and see more of our big wins.


Sports Wearables and Devices


Take Your Game to the Next Level

From sports wearables that help prevent injuries to tablets that simplify playbooks and sideline coaching, we have what your team needs to succeed.

Player-tracking technology is revolutionizing sports. Wearable devices — from innovators such as GoPro, Fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone — are helping develop and condition athletes by monitoring calorie intake and workout habits and capturing practices from a player’s point of view.

We can improve your team’s performance with sports wearables and optimize your network and storage infrastructure for painless data management. Contact us to learn more about our fully integrated solutions.

Mobile Tech to Help You Win Big on Game Day

Tablets are helping teams adopt digital playbooks and improve game-day coaching. But on top of team devices, your IT staff needs to plan for fan-, staff- and corporate-owned smartphones and notebooks. We can help you implement a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that streamlines device management, enhances network security and plugs into your existing infrastructure.

We helped a pro football team implement an MDM solution that enabled digital playbooks and total mobile-device security. Read about the highlights (pdf).

Learn more about what sports performance tracking and mobile device management can do for your team.


Our MVPs (Most Valuable Partners)


We’ve Got a Winning Team

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to implement large-scale stadium technology solutions from coast to coast. Thanks to our strategic partnerships, you get:


A Gold-Certified Cisco partner with a unique skill set in both video and high-density wireless and networking

Solution architects who are proficient in both Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi and Cisco Stadium Vision technology

800+ solution architects and engineers who have built and customized stadium technology infrastructures from the ground up, on both the collegiate and pro level

Dedicated account managers who are your single points of contact

Access to a large portfolio of manufacturers and tens of thousands of products

Who will go to bat with you

With our winning lineup of partners, we’ve planned and installed custom tech upgrades in stadiums of all sizes. Contact us to explore our solutions and see more of our wins.

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