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Lifesize Cloud

Video Calling for All

Lifesize Cloud's powerful features like virtual meeting rooms, multiparty call escalation, text chat, content sharing and invite-a-guest make it a valuable productivity tool for all. Our Enterprise Subscription Plan lets you extend video conferencing to your entire organization simply and affordably, whether you are an SMB or a multinational. Start your free trial today.

Lifesize Cloud

Explore the Lifesize Showcase page for the latest in video conferencing technology, including the 220 and Icon 600 series. Video conferencing has grown a lot in recent years. And with growth comes unique opportunities for upgrading hardware solutions to accomodate workers in different locations. For high-def video conferencing that spans wide geographical areas, consider Lifesize for your video conferencing needs.

Lifesize is a leader in video conferencing software, tools, and solutions for high definition video conferencing. For best in class HD video conferencing, consider Lifesize's many options such as Lifesize Room, Bridge, Passport, FocusCamera or the Lifesize Video Center. For help choosing a Lifesize cloud-based video conferencing solution or a mobile teleconferencing system, connect with a CDW solutions specialist today.