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Vertiv combines power management, IT management, integrated solutions and software with outstanding expertise and services for your business.

About Vertiv

As Emerson Network Power, you knew us as a global provider of critical infrastructure technologies and life cycle services.  Now we’d like you to know us as Vertiv, an agile operation with a laser focus on delivering vital, innovative and intelligent applications for high-tech environments that help you achieve your IT goals.

Liebert GXT4 Online Double-Conversion Rack/Tower Smart UPS

Liebert GXT4 Online Double-Conversion Rack/Tower Smart UPS

The Liebert GXT4 UPS is a comprehensive solution for maintaining the health and availability of your IT infrastructure. On-line double conversion capabilities ensures consistent power flow to your infrastructure, which helps to extend the life of your investments and prevents virtually all power disturbances caused by power outages, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference.

Vertiv Power Management

Our Liebert power portfolio includes uninterruptible power supply and rack power distribution units. Your power distribution system impacts both availability and scalability. Our room, row and rack PDUs give you the flexibility to adapt to changing environments. They also support monitoring to ensure availability and provide insight into energy use.

Vertiv IT Management

Our solutions provide comprehensive functionality, scalability and security across the facility by utilizing KVM, service processor and serial console technologies.

Vertiv Software and Controls

Software and controls overlay all of our solutions and provide ultimate control of the facility making our solutions intelligent, agile and reliable.

Vertiv Integrated Solutions

Vertiv’s integrated systems enable efficient management of critical infrastructure by combining thermal, power and IT management in a single plug-and-play system for faster deployment to address today’s most pressing demands in IT infrastructure.

Vertiv SmartCabinet™ Solutions

Learn how Vertiv SmartCabinet Solutions can simplify the deployment and management of branch IT assets.

Vertiv SmartRow™ Solutions

Learn how Vertiv SmartRow™ Solutions offer a simplified, standardized and quickly deployable data center environment.

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