Acer and CDW•G

CDW•G and Acer provide flexible, reliable, secure and affordable services and solutions to meet your organization's needs.

About Acer

Acer breaks barriers between people and technology. Acer's wide selection of computing products are made to last, packed with innovative reliability features that resist everyday wear and tear.

Acer Chromebooks for Education

Creativity Apps for Chromebooks

Inspire the next generation with a collection of six creativity tools for Chromebooks, all easily purchased and managed at scale with Google Admin Console. Acer offers schools and education customers a set of Chromebook Creativity Apps for Education that can be easily deployed and managed through Google Admin Console.

Creativity Apps for Chromebooks (PDF)

Acer Chromebook Education Solutions (PDF)

Create and Share Ideas with Creativity Apps for Chromebooks

Put creative tools into the hands of students with Creativity Apps for Chromebooks.

Acer Windows Laptops for Education

TravelMate Spin B3

Take advantage of more interactive learning activities with the TravelMate Spin B3’s high performing, ultra-durable design.

Acer Esports

Esports is becoming the fastest-growing activity in K-12 education as a way of supporting science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics curriculum.

Acer Predator Esports Solutions

In addition to team competition and game design, participants can also engage in various career pathways, such as marketing, graphic design, broadcasting, and entrepreneurship. Acer is bringing its revolutionary Predator gaming solutions to Education to help schools build their esports programs. 

Acer Esports Bundle (PDF)

The Esports Edge (PDF)

Acer Service and Support

Acer’s award-winning customer service and support is instrumental in helping enterprises and educational institutions prevent technical issues from disrupting the work flow of the day. Learn more about Acer Service and Support (PDF).

Acer Service Student eLearning Repair Program

Enable students to learn to repair laptops. Students can develop a transferrable CTE skill while schools can develop a knowledgeable resource to assist with repairs. It's packed with interactive module based eLearning material, designed as a learning path for the students to follow and a final assessment to be observed by local school staff.

Acer Service eLearning Repair Program (PDF)


Remote Learning Resources

Keep kids learning while they are at home.