Cisco and CDW•G

Together we solve, create, inspire, secure and help build your bridge to the possible.

About Cisco

Cisco helps institutions seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. Cisco securely connects everything to make anything possible. If you can imagine it, Cisco will build the bridge to get you there. Power an inclusive future for all.


Make the most of both your budget and your classroom time. Support seamless learning in any environment, enabled by modern and affordable technology from Cisco.

Higher Education

Drastically expand the limits of learning. Whether studying at home or attending a lecture, Cisco helps students safely connect, collaborate with peers and empower their academic journey.

Inclusive Hybrid Learning

Education is not about where you learn; it’s about what you learn. Guided by the vision that all students can have equal access to education, no matter where th

State and Local Government

Protect citizens and help them stay connected across every level of government with Cisco's secure networking solutions.

Mass-Scale Infrastructure for Government

Cisco can help establish inclusive networks for citizens to securely connect and communicate through wireless edge technology.

Federal Government

Cisco makes it easy to support an ever-expanding network and range of services, so agencies across the board can easily connect with citizens from anywhere in the country.

Cisco Designed for Small Business

Cisco and CDW can help you grow your business with comprehensive technical support and custom solutions and without sacrificing your security.

Full-Stack Observability

Optimizing digital experiences requires top-to-bottom application and infrastructure observability. Cisco Full-Stack Observability solutions deliver the visibility and insights you need to take the right actions when they matter the most.

AppDynamics Observability

Get end-to-end observability across your application stack and network infrastructure.

CDW and Cisco AppD Demo

Proactively maintain and monitor your network and quickly identify issues with AppDynamics.

Customer Experience

Cisco and CDW customer experience management is an innovative new approach to engaging with customers. Get assistance with devising and customizing roadmaps aligned to your business goals in order to track your progress, measure the results and achieve successful growth.