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About SonicWall

SonicWall solutions help you create and maintain a strong security foundation with interconnected solutions that span the enterprise. From endpoints and users to networks, data and identity, SonicWall solutions mitigate risk and reduce complexity so you can drive your business forward.


SonicWall's Capture multi-engine sandboxing service scored a near 100% in NSS labs independent testing for catching malware attacks thrown at it, while others tested failed.

Solutions Granted CEO Michael Crean Talks Capture ATP

Michael Crean discusses his first-hand experience with SonicWall Capture ATP. He protects customers against ransomware and advanced threats with Capture ATP.

Encrypted Threats

SonicWall enables horizontal scaling of the firewall layer higher than 100 gigabits of SSL deep packet inspection performance, providing the highest security efficacy and resiliency.

SonicWall 2018 Annual Threat Report

SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner outlines the critical importance of actionable threat intelligence to deliver favorable security outcomes.

Email Threats

SonicWall Email Security leverages a widespread network of more than 10,000 customer installations and more than two million mailboxes that gather and share intelligence on emerging email threats.

What is SonicWall Capture ATP and How Does it Work?

Get a quick three-minute look into the SonicWall Capture ATP and see how it works. SonicWall Capture ATP is a cloud-based network sandbox.

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