Federal IT Modernization

Get IT going with end-to-end tech solutions for the federal government from Dell EMC and CDW•G.

Dell Federal Government
Dell Technologies Fuels Federal IT Transformation

Dell Technologies transforms federal IT with best-in-class technology for applications, data, enterprise infrastructure and security — from the edge to the core to the cloud. 

Engagement is: Connection, Context and Collaboration

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Eliminate "I Don't Know" from the Resolution Process

X Series brings the history, complete context and internal experts together during the initial customer interaction. Customers no longer have to repeat information to you since employees have all the vital data you need within X Series. The end results are a faster time to resolution, a lower cost to businesses and a better overall experience for customers and employees.

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Working in tandem with Dell Technologies, CDW•G offers a number
of services for federal government agencies:

Client Solutions. Let us help you plan, implement and secure your new tech.

Cybersecurity. Secure your agency's IT from the data center to the most remote device.

Contracts and Compliance. Your agency needs the right industry partner to advise you on choosing a contract vehicle to match your mission requirements, including:

•  FAA                        •  ADMC                       •  ITES
•  SEWP                   •  NETCENTS

Cloud. Scale your storage as needed while saving resources and money.

Data Center Solutions. Simplify your IT with future-ready infrastructure with legacy system compatibility.

Federal Services. Meet today's workplace needs with scalable IT, simplified management, remote device access and context-aware security.

Define your IT future with Dell Technologies

Leveraging its global partner ecosystem, robust services and more than 700 federal contracts, Dell Technologies  helps federal agencies transform their missions.

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