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Considering Microsoft Teams with Enterprise Voice?

Evolve IP is the leading global Microsoft Gold Partner that delivers enterprise voice features from Cisco and omnichannel contact center functionalities, integrated with Microsoft Teams & Office 365.

Microsoft Teams is the fastest-growing collaboration platform in the world and while it delivers best-in-class collaboration features, it does not deliver an enterprise-grade PBX.

Evolve IP has been delivering Microsoft Teams Direct Routing since it was first available and bring incomparable expertise.

Evolve IP's solution is natively integrated with Cisco VoIP, bringing top of the line dependability to cloud communication services and that means it works everywhere, on every device, without 3rd party bots, additional software or browser concerns.

Their head start in the market also means Evolve provides features others cannot while delivering solutions in the Teams end-user environment, including mobile, web and desktop, so employees can Work Anywhere, securely and productively. 


Evolve IP's Microsoft Teams with Enterprise Voice

Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice

Small businesses, mid-market and enterprise organizations have different needs...needs that cannot be met by Microsoft Phone System alone. Evolve IP provides Microsoft Teams Direct Routing native integration with our Cisco voice platform and Evolve IP developed apps for advanced features that all businesses require, now and in the future.

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