Spectrum Industries CDW•G

Working together to build engaging spaces and manage devices

About Spectrum

Spectrum Industries offers furniture to create engaging spaces as well as charging solutions to manage and power devices — quality built, innovative solutions, connecting you with technology.

Engaging Furniture. Device Management. Quality Build.

Temporary solutions aren’t long lasting. In spaces that are designed to engage, it is necessary to integrate technology and device management that is built to last. Adaptability and quality build is applied to every aspect of Spectrum’s product development, resulting in lasting solutions.

TechCenter — Your All-in-One Teaching Station

Engage your students with the latest in AV and device technology anywhere you need it.

Training Room Solutions

Innovative technology is ever expanding in the training room. Outfit your brigade with the best training room furniture on the market. Convert from computer lab to training tables in seconds, store and nest tables to create training space, or command your troops with ease from tech ready lecterns.

Flex InSight Desk

The Flex InSight desk allows for quick transitions from a traditional room to computer lab, creating a multi-functional training space.

Quality-Built and Tested

Spectrum ensures its furniture and device management products are built to last and are tested to ANSI/BFMA standards.

Testing with Travis — the Flex Active Flip

Spectrum uses ANSI/BFMA standards to test all of its products to provide you with quality-built solutions that last.

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