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Verizon and CDW

Verizon is a global leader delivering innovative communications and technology solutions that improve the way our customers live, work, learn and play.

About Verizon Mobility Solutions

Verizon operates the nation’s premier all-fiber network with renowned reliability and delivers integrated solutions to businesses worldwide. Together with CDW, Verizon offers you a powerful team that, regardless of your size or industry, can create and deploy solutions that truly work for you and your organization. 

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Verizon 5G

Verizon is building the most powerful 5G experience for America—5G Ultra Wideband with massive capacity, ultra-fast speeds and ultra-low latency. As 5G-powered innovations emerge, there will be many opportunities to deliver new solutions to our customers.

Verizon 5G Business Report (PDF) 
5G 8 Currencies Flyer (PDF)
5G Technology Article (PDF)

Verizon Frontline

First responders play a crucial role in protecting and serving our communities. Verizon's public safety solutions give first responders the situational awareness to help make smart and quick decisions by pulling data from multiple sources using Verizon's renowned reliable network. This means first responders can stay connected when they need it most.

Frontline Fact Sheet (PDF)

Verizon Security

Cybersecurity is not a new issue, but the stakes are getting higher. The scale of regulatory penalties is growing and customers—consumers, businesses and public-sector organizations alike—are becoming more sensitive to the issue. Organizations are making security and data privacy central to their value propositions.

Mobile Security Index 2021 (PDF)
Data Breach Investigations Report (PDF)

Workplace of the Future

The way we work has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn what it takes to embrace the workplace of the future and what you need to do to enable remote work.

Workplace of the Future  White Paper (PDF)
Technology Transformation & Readiness Assessment (PDF)
How to Lead Differently White Paper (PDF)

Verizon and CDW

Together with CDW, Verizon offers you a powerful team that can create innovative solutions for your business. 


We will work with you to determine the best financing method for your organization, be it a traditional purchase, lease or through a monthly subscription. 


Our mobility experts have helped thousands of customers craft BYOD and mobile device policies from the ground up.


CDW can help your company match and manage the right mobility tools to innovate and expand your network.

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¹ America’s most reliable network based on rankings from the RootMetrics® US National RootScore® Report: 2H 2020. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on three national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Verizon.

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