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Forget blackboards — the classroom of  today is a student-centered, collaborative environment that supports a wide range of abilities and learning activities. 

Get the right classroom technology and layout in your schools to motivate your students and enable better educational outcomes. Reach out to CDW•G now to get started. At CDW•G, we get classroom IT.

Welcome to the Modern Learning Environment

Leverage the tools you need to create a learning space conducive to active learning, engagement and inspiration.

Enable Remote E-Learning

The classroom of the future doesn’t need to involve a physical classroom. With the right software and tools, educators can ensure that students can easily access assignments, collaborate with peers and be able to reach their instructor whenever they have a question. Even if your school is not yet one-to-one laptop capable, CDWG can help create a remote learning strategy that ensures equity of access for students and helps teachers keep lesson plans on track.

Getting Competitive with Esports in K-12

Work hard, play hard. The emergence of esports in K-12 classrooms has inspired waves of students to become more involved in their school community, stimulated interest in educational topics such as STEM and laid the foundation for a path to higher education and continued learning.

But how do you get started with an esports program? What do you need for hardware (and software) and how will ensure your students are getting the right tools to stay involved and keep learning? From benefits to building a team, CDW•G has the answers to all your digital gaming questions. 

Ready to play? Start Shopping for Esports Equipment.

High-Access Device Programs for K-12

Balancing the challenge of maximizing your students' digital freedom while simultaneously keeping them protected is no easy task. You must also ensure your teachers are supported with the digital autonomy they need to educate your students. Innovative uses of educational devices including Chromebooks and Windows 10 can help you overcome this challenge and acheive digital freedom and security.

CDW•G can assist you with implementing content filtering and classroom management techniques, finding the right storage solutions and determining your new software workflow.

Emerging Technology

Augmented, mixed and virtual reality are no longer the future of the classroom — these technologies are here and growing. 

Microsoft for Education

Microsoft offers Windows 10 Education devices from a variety of CDW•G partners, as well as Microsoft 365 Education. In addition to everything you get with Office 365, Microsoft 365 Education provides a wide selection of integrated devices, applications and tools, all within a secure IT environment.

Explore Microsoft for Education

Google for Education

Google for Education provides shareable devices, Chromebooks and free collaborative apps built for teachers and students. Spark learning from anywhere, at any time, on any budget. Create lessons, streamline file sharing and grade assignments without using a single sheet of paper with Google Classroom.

Explore Google for Education

School IT Infrastructure

Effective classroom transformation relies on a secure network and wireless infrastructure backbone to support it — low bandwidth, lack of Wi-Fi access points or an aging data center won’t cut it for one-to-one device programs.


Cyberthreats are an always-evolving, continuous threat to your educational institution. If you don't keep up with the latest security trends, you risk exposure to breaches and worse. Whether it’s cloud security or remote access cryptomining schemes, CDW•G has the know-how to help keep you defended. Protect vital endpoints, gain network visibility and ensure true network segmentation with the help of CDW•G solution architects and our elite network of technology partners.

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Microsoft for Education

CDW•G can help remedy your network woes with proper budgetary and physical planning through our E-rate program as well as established relationships with CiscoAruba and more. Whether you need the best switches, new routers or increased bandwidth, we get IT.

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Next Gen Data Center

Ensure your infrastructure can support your school’s needs, on-premise or in the cloud. No matter if you’re in search of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), a software defined data center (SDDC), or cloud services from Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services — CDW•G can help you refine and future-proof your data center. 

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