With smart tech upgrades, you have the power to transform a venue into an experience. A strategic IT investment can boost concession and apparel sales, advertising and sponsorships paying dividends from the moment you lift the curtain on your new system. With 800+ solution architects and engineers, and partnerships with leading brands, we can help you put your IT playbook into action.

Wi-Fi and Mobile Solutions

Stadium-grade high-density Wi-Fi is about creating an interactive network that connects fans, players and staff. From concession stands to bleachers, upgraded Wi-Fi is a win-win for your entire stadium.


Power and Cooling

We’ll help you customize your data center so that it can store concession-stand transactions, track consumer purchasing habits, support video highlights and more, without breaking a sweat. 


Storage and Cloud Computing

Thanks to a data center upgrade from CDW, this pro football team can send video playbooks, stats or coaches’ notes to players via the cloud.


Digital Signage and Content

With Cisco StadiumVision broadcasting to your venue’s screens, even fans standing in line won’t miss a moment of the action. We’ll help you push targeted promotions and ads, and deliver instant replays to screens and apps.



We slashed, this Chicago-based professional baseball team's phone bill by installing VoIP phones that connect their Chicago stadium with training centers in Arizona and the Dominican Republic.



Devices and Digital Playbooks

From wearables that help prevent injuries to tablets that put plays at a manager’s fingertips, mobile tech is changing the game.


Sports & Entertainment Tech Playbook

 Get access to more case studies and learn how 360-degree technology solutions can help you improve ticket sales, boost attendance and drive new sources of revenue.


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