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CDW Helps Customers Get Drone Video Solutions Off the Ground


NOVEMBER 30, 2017

As the IT landscape continues to evolve, many emerging technologies have proven to be drivers of efficiency for a variety of companies. Drone video systems (DVS), for example, are cost-saving, risk-reducing and productivity-boosting tools for markets including agriculture, broadcast news, construction management, education, film/television and live event production, oil/gas and utilities, real estate and security.

“Commercial drone video systems give organizations affordable eyes and ears in places that previously were expensive and often risky to reach,” said Kevin Kelly, president and chief operating officer at DVS provider Stampede. “They frequently replace manned helicopters or airplanes and bring new capabilities to many organizations that could otherwise not afford or rent that type of equipment.”

There is far more to a drone video solution than the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) itself. The solution requires orchestration of multiple technologies to serve unique business goals. CDW works with partners and customers to ensure that their drone video solutions include all essential elements – UAVs, command/control software and hardware, business specific applications and data storage and analytics.

“The UAV is just the carrier for the sensor and collection package,” said Scott DeTota, vice president, product and partner management, CDW. “The package may be conventional digital video, or it may involve more sophisticated imaging, measuring and data collection. The solution aboard the UAV also needs to integrate with the customer’s other IT systems: storage, imaging, data analytics – whatever is necessary to accomplish the solution’s mission.”

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