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Flash Memory. Orchestrated by CDW.

We carry many different types of portable flash storage solutions including cards and thumb drives so you can keep your files, music or videos on hand to use and enjoy.

The portable nature of flash memory drives makes them an ideal replacement for traditional hard disks. A flash thumb drive works by inserting it into a computer, tablet or other devices with a USB port. Information is transferred to the thumb drive where it is safely stored. For more intensive storage, standard or micro-sized flash memory cards are commonly used in cell phones, video game consoles, cameras and laptops.

Flash memory accessories like emory card readers allow you to transport data and recall it with ease using portable card readers. Card adapters allow you to plug the micro-cards from your phone directly into your PC to access files or photos with ease. 

CDW carries trusted brands such as Micron, Transcend flash memory cards and Kingston memory upgrades so you can choose compatible flash memory type for your devices with confidence.

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