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Level Up Your Esports Game

The world of esports is growing fast — the sport might even earn a spot in the 2024 Olympics. This growth also extends into educational institutions. With tens of millions in scholarship money up for grabs, high schools see esports as a chance to motivate students academically and provide opportunity. College esports teams can make the difference in attracting prospective students, proving a school is innovative and in touch with the needs of its student body.

With years of experience and deep partnerships with leading gaming manufacturers, CDW can partner with your institution to develop a comprehensive esports solution. From handling the data center, networking, esports arena design, and game streaming, CDW can help you every step of the way with your esports program. No matter if your institution is just getting started with esports or if you’re looking to take your game to the next level, we offer solutions for all your esports IT needs. Get into the esports game with a custom solution. 

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Gaming Computers for Esports

Esports players need the proper equipment, and that starts with a gaming PC. In the realm of esports, the right gaming computer or laptop forms the backbone of what’s needed for competitors to succeed. From customizable gaming desktops to ready-to-go laptops, CDW esports experts can help you determine the computer options that best meets your needs.

Gaming Computer Peripherals

When it comes to esports, the right gaming computer is just the first step. You’ll also need to consider additional needs, such as gaming mice and keyboards. Whatever type of gaming computer you choose to build out your esports arena, you’ll want to ensure your team will have the necessary components to compete. These peripherals will ensure you can take your esports competition to the next level.

Esports Gaming Accessories

In order to make your esports arena come to life, you’ll want to make sure you can provide a holistic gaming experience. While the proper software and hardware are critical, you’ll want to consider other accessories to round out the esports gaming experience. Ergonomic furniture, powerful headsets, and gaming graphics cards are some key accessories to explore as ways to enhance your esports arena. Our esports experts can make sure that your team has all the accessories they need in order to beat out the competition.

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