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There are many different types of projectors, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. Among the most popular types are office, portable and short throw projectors, but there are many types more suitable for more specific applications. 

Auditorium projectors are ideal for expansive venues where large numbers of viewers will be attending. Document cameras and overhead projectors project a non-digital image placed under the lens. Overhead projectors work best with transparencies while document cameras can render any document or image placed under the lens for viewing. 

Interactive projectors work much like a whiteboard and allow the presenter to interact with the projected image with a stylus or even their fingers. Office projectors, such as the Epson PowerLite models, are portable and responsive, making them great for presentations to clients and potential clients. Short throw projectors require little space to project large images with stunning clarity and are ideal for small spaces.

CDW carries many top-selling brands with a reputation for quality projectors. Choose from trusted brands like AVer, Casio and Da-Lite.

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