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Controlling multiple computers from one or more sets of keyboards, video monitors, mice and other peripherals is the job of a hardware device called a KVM switch. Used often in data centers, a KVM switch allows personnel to connect to any server. This allows for easy support of IT infrastructure. 

There are several different types of KVM switches that allow you to customize your experience. A USB hub-based KVM is a connected/shared USB device that goes through the full initiation process every time the KVM is moved to a different system; it is similar to plugging and unplugging a USB device each time it is used. An emulated USB KVM provides an instantaneous and reliable switching again that does not require the full initiation process each time it is switched to a different system. However, this type of switch can only support the most basic keyboard and mouse features.

For more advanced switches, you could choose a semi-DDM USB KVM. This works with USB-HID keyboards and mice but does not maintain their presence to all the targeted systems simultaneously. Alternatively, the DDM USB KVM allows you to use all the keyboard and mouse special functions on all the computers simultaneously. 

CDW partners with the most trusted brands of KVM switches, such as Avocent, Belkin and Tripp Lite, to meet your business needs. 

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