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KVM Switches, Consoles & Accessories. Orchestrated by CDW.

KVM switches support the connection of keyboard/video/mouse peripheral devices for controlling multiple computers. The frequent business use of KVM switches is to support IT infrastructure by allowing server administrators to administer multiple servers through a single point of entry that is enabled with KVM switches.

Small and home office users sometimes use KVM switches to support the control of mobile computing devices such as tablets, phones or other laptops with the same keyboard, monitor and mouse as their main workstation. Most KVM switches support VGA video cables although there are also KVM switches with DVI connectors as well.

For keyboard connectivity, USB is the common connector on a KVM switch. If you have a brand in mind for your KVM needs, CDW offers a variety of KVM switch finders from brands like IOGEAR and Tripp Lite. All you need to do is provide your business requirements and we will recommend KVM solutions for you from your preferred brand. If you need help identifying a KVM switch for your business needs, contact a CDW specialist to learn more about how to choose the correct KVM switch, console or accessory for your organizational requirements.

CDW sells a large variety of KVM switches, KVM consoles and accessories for your business needs. There are KVM switches for small business, medium, all the way up to enterprise-level solutions for your KVM requirements. KVM switches vary in the number of ports that they have. Whether you need a 4-port KVM switch, 8-port or 16-port KVM, all the way up to 64-port KVM switch, CDW has your server management needs covered.

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