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Collaborate With Your Peers and Stay Up to Date on the Latest Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft Education Updates

The CDW Education Collaborative is a community of K-12 technical administrators across North America who work alongside CDW Education’s team of experts to navigate changes, updates, challenges and solutions within their Google and Microsoft environments. 

Give Your School the Best by Learning From the Best

CDW Education has long said that “the smartest person in the room is the room.” By this, we mean that shared information, through a connected community, leads to better results than any one person can create alone. The CDW Education Collaborative becomes the room by offering a place where technical administrators can find other schools - large and small - offering experience-based guidance that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else. Whether it’s a question on setting up DLP or the advantages of using various video conferencing systems, you can feel confident that someone in the community will have a thought or an answer.

Transforming Teaching and Learning Together

Inside the CDW Education Collaborative, members have access to a shared platform on which they can connect with colleagues in over 1,200 school districts across North America to address their most pressing technical issues and challenges. These discussions, often informed by our Google and Microsoft experts, make it easier than ever to manage your digital infrastructures in the fast paced, ever-changing edtech world.

The CDW Education Collaborative also teams up with a vast network of vendor partners to host valuable livestreams, workshops, and product showcases. These events, held throughout the month and saved in the resource library for future viewing, provide an in-depth dive into the edtech solutions that support you in taking immediate action and making informed decisions for your schools.

Who Does Your Technical Staff Lean On?

Find out why your technical staff should lean on the expertise of our consultants and their fellow Google and Microsoft admins to maximize the effectiveness of your education communication and collaboration platform and run it efficiently.

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Empower the Education Community



Members can pose questions, exchange ideas, and transfer knowledge surrounding Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft Education with other technical admins who are having similar experiences in their domain.

Collaborate With Us

Experience the value of the CDW Education Collaborative before you become a member. When you start a trial you gain access to our lively discussion forums,  live streams, and on-demand resources for 45 days.  With a 4.6 out of 5 Customer Satisfaction rating, we are confident that you’ll find it valuable. 

Experience the value of the CDW Education Collaborative before you become a member.

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