Architect and Optimize Your Enterprise Cloud

As organizations across industries have increased their cloud spending and made the public cloud a more integral part of their operations, a number of inefficiencies have cropped up. An effective cloud management strategy can help organizations to manage their environments more efficiently.  

Learn how to manage cloud consumption for optimal results.

We Get Cloud Optimization is Crucial to Infrastructure Efficiency

CDW understands the importance of achieving a secure, rightsized cloud workload. That’s why we offer cloud tools and services that help you improve network flexibility and cloud efficiency across the organization.

Checklist: Improve cloud efficiency

Roadmap: Architecting your cloud

Identity and Access Management

Determine account authorizations and support multifactor authentication.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

For additional identity management and cloud-based security enforcement.

Backup and Recovery

Get full-service protection that extends beyond basic disaster recovery.

Application Performance Monitoring

Detect latency and improve end-user satisfaction.


We Get Cloud

An effective cloud strategy should include plans to control costs and optimize application performance, as well as detail who is responsible for which aspects of cloud security. CDW can help you design a comprehensive strategy for your enterprise cloud.

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