Managing Risk and Ensuring IT Compliance in a Modern Landscape

From HIPAA to PCI to GDPR, compliance regulations are constantly changing. This puts organizations at risk for overlooking key regulatory requirements and opening up the enterprise to greater liability. A comprehensive, integrated approach to compliance adherence — including vendor management — reduces the possibility of fines, security breaches and negative operational consequences.

Learn how to modernize your compliance strategy and keep data safe.

Compliance is Critical to Business Success

CDW understands the importance of managing risk to achieve a compliant, secure IT environment. That’s why we offer tools and services that support improved compliance and better data and network protection.
Checklist: Assess your compliance strategy

Roadmap: Get the path to compliance

Network and Asset Management

Management is a key element in network optimization, elevated application performance and improved reliability.


Assessments, endpoint protection, encryption and web security help you keep your organization's and your customers' data secure and remain compliant.

Disaster Recovery

Capitalize on strategies that extend from back up to server virtualization to software-defined data centers. 

Consulting and Managed Services

We offer IT consulting to assess and transform cloud and other applications as well as end-to-end support.


We Get Compliance

Modern organizations must approach enterprisewide compliance in a measured, well-planned manner. As your partner in compliance, we can help you design an end-to-end compliance strategy and implement everything you need to adhere to ever-changing regulations.

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