Achieving Software-Defined Everything

Today, practically all aspects of an IT environment can be delivered via software-defined tools that abstract functionality from underlying hardware. What started a couple of decades ago with the growth of server virtualization has now turned into “software-defined everything,” or SDx. Organizations increasingly use software-defined solutions to reduce costs, manage risk and enhance agility.

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We Get Modern Networks Require Improved Flexibility

Software-defined everything (SDx) lets you create a more agile IT infrastructure. It enables you to rein in IT costs, automate configuration, minimize downtime and improve management control, achieve direct cloud connectivity, connect multiple data centers and enhance network security — all of which support better infrastructure agility. CDW understands how to help you meet these objectives and offers components to support SDx success. 

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) helps integrate data center components into one centralized appliance.


Optimize Software as a Service (SaaS) connections for improved network intelligence and visibility, and leverage virtual or programmable appliances for enhanced protection.


This includes software for cloud management, infrastructure automation and orchestration, and configuration management.

Software-Defined Networking

SDN puts control of policies for load balancing, security, etc., in the hands of administrators for greater overall control of network services.


We Get IT Infrastructure

The concept and execution of “software defined” has evolved from solely networking to nearly everything associated with an infrastructure. CDW is your partner to ensure your organization is prepared to invest in software-defined everything by keeping all considerations top of mind.

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