Physical Security Solutions Impact More Than Just Safety

Physical security solutions protect people, property and premises.  Today’s modern video surveillance systems enable your organization to do more than deter or catch the bad guy.  Video surveillance can now help you keep an eye on operational processes and generate data insights about your business.

Learn how video surveillance can deliver real insights and ROI for your organization.  


Video surveillance is the foundation of modern physical security systems.  Integrated with access control, environmental sensors and analytics, you can better defend against threats to people and property and respond more quickly to incidents that do occur. 

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Video Surveillance

Upgrade your video surveillance system to a modern solution enhanced with analytics that detect incidents in real-time and generate searchable metadata from recorded video.

Environmental Security

Deploy IP-based sensors that extend physical security monitoring to detect chemicals, atmospheric conditions, audio, vibrations, thermal signatures and more.

Access Control

Modernize your building security with IP-enabled door controllers, readers and credentials – all integrated with your video surveillance for complete situational awareness.

Amplified Services

Deploy new cameras and sensors, configure video management systems, and integrate it all with access control, data analytics, mass notification and other systems.


We Get Physical Security

Enhanced video surveillance (EVS) and other physical security systems can deliver valuable capabilities beyond just security. CDW can help you find the security solution that mitigates risk and aids business objectives.

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