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Chromebooks have dominated schools with their easy-to-use web apps, flexible configuration settings and low total cost of ownership. Teachers can share documents with students in real-time, creating a more collaborative environment. 

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Space-age tech without the astronomical price. Estimated to save schools an average of $5,200/device over three years.


With one single management console to manage thousands of devices, your mission control can make sure your students' usage habits stay within the confines of your choice.


Chromebooks update automatically, letting your students warp from one subject to the next with no interruptions.


With our support, your tech can reach its full potential – just like your stellar students.

Source: IDC Whitepaper: The Economic Value of Chromebooks for Educational Institutions, September 2015

CDW·G will help your school or organization every step of the way. We will assess your current needs, develop a deployment plan and help you manage and configure your new Chromebooks.


CDW·G Chromebook Services

Our Chromebook experts have teamed up with Google and other partners to provide you with services, solutions and support to help with your deployment, scalability and management. We offer the following services to our customers:

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Create a safe learning environment for your students and access, archive and manage your documents on the go with these add-on services.


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