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IT management has never been more challenging for Federal agencies. You're responsible for IT hardware and software assets that are critical in helping government organizations achieve their mission objectives. Meanwhile, tight budgets make it difficult to replace legacy systems with the new technology you need to support critical areas across the enterprise.

CDW•G's dedicated account teams lead the industry in public-sector customer services and product knowledge. Starting now, we can help you meet your IT challenges with DELL's affordable advanced technology while making it more accessible through CDW•G's catalog and contract portfolio.

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What We Offer

  1. Client Solutions

    Let us help you plan, implement and secure your new technology from the cloud to BYOD and beyond.

  2. Cloud

    Scale your storage as needed while saving money and giving access to authorized users around the world.

  3. Cybersecurity

    Secure your agency's IT from the data center to the farthest remote device, along your networks and the cloud.

  4. Data Center Solutions

    Simplify your IT with future-ready infrastructure that works with your legacy systems for lower costs and better speed.

  1. Federal Services

    Meet today's workplace needs with scalable IT, simplified management, remote device access and context-aware security.

  2. Contracts and Compliance

    You need the right industry partner advising you on the best possible contract vehicles to meet your needs. Here are a few of the CDW•G contracts featuring Dell:

    • FAA
    • ADMC
    • ITES
    • SEWP

We have the right team in place to help you solve your IT needs.

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A DOD customer needed to modernize their mobile computing toolkit, while maintaining their network's existing DOD security standards and compatibility with their existing applications. We successfully solved this challenge by providing a tablet solution that combined the portability of a tablet and touchscreen functionality with the power and full functionality of a desktop.
Brandon Ginter
Nichole Leone

CDW Sales Manager
Client: Department of Defense

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Tools you need
  • Built specifically for government standards — FedRAMP, TACLAN, BCCS
  • CONUS/OCONUS support and worldwide extended warranty
Solve your problems
  • End-to-end federal IT solutions the way you need them — enterprise, private, hybrid or public cloud
  • Unparalleled agility in supply chain logistics
Future-ready enterprise
  • Ability to use your legacy systems in tandem with newer, future-ready technology
  • Vendor-agnostic (open) services and solutions
  • Flexible financing