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Now You Have a Seamless 
 Omnichannel Experience

Technology is reshaping the retail landscape faster than ever, and customers are learning to expect a seamless shopping experience, in-store and online. CDW’s integrated solutions don’t just help you keep pace with a changing marketplace. They can help you stand out with increased customer engagement across multiple channels and efficiency gains from back-end and inventory management to storefront technologies.

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Solutions That Grow with Your Business

From restaurants and boutiques to hotels and car rental companies, we work with you to build a custom solution that fits your needs, budget and existing infrastructure.



Unbox a Seamless Shopping Experience

CDW’s Store-in-a-Box solution is made to order and ready to go. With individual plug-and-play components and our comprehensive support, you’ll get the perfect combination of storefront and back-end solutions. Our standardized processes enable you to refresh multiple locations quickly, leaving staff free to do their most important work — engage with customers.

Do More In Store

Allow customers to download an app that lets them check inventory or receive your targeted in-store offers. With the right technology and software, you’ll have the ability to reach further and get closer to your customers.

Get Mobile Pay

Forget “cash or credit” — with mobile payment options, customers can check out swiftly and securely using a smartphone app.

Protect Your Rep

By keeping up with PCI compliance and EMV standards to prevent data breaches, you’ll maintain consumer trust and confidence.

Learn how CDW can help you build experiences that keep customers engaged. See what Store-in-a-Box can do for you.

point of sale


Ring Up Efficiency and Savings

Your POS is much more than a cash register. From tracking price changes and processing returns to producing sales reports and empowering staff with real-time information, a POS solution is key to customer satisfaction and a competitive edge.

Streamline Operations

With an upgraded POS system, you can easily adjust pricing and reduce inventory loss with real-time inventory tracking and reporting.

Harness Shopper Data

Create smarter loyalty programs, targeted promotions and forecast models with detailed shopper stats.

Make Checkout Mobile

Mobile POS (mPOS) allows your staff to make sales anywhere in the store, shortening checkout times and maximizing space by reducing the need for extra registers.

Stay Secure and Compliant

New and updated POS systems help account for security and compliance requirements. You can rest easy knowing your organizational and customer information is safe.

Get Ready for EMV Compliance

After October 2015, chip-based EMV credit cards will become the default. Is your business ready? Find out (article).

From planning and assessment to the implementation of devices, charging stations and software, CDW can get your POS system up and running quickly. And since we partner with industry leaders, you’ll get the best possible solution for your investment. Learn more about our POS solutions.

Visual Solutions and Digital Signage


Display Your Brand Your Way

Imagine being able to speak to all of your customers at once. From digital screens running ads and promotions to self-serve kiosks loaded with product information and customer-service links, visual and digital technologies give you a rich, immediate way to interact with your customers.

Educate in Real Time

Our signage solutions let you manage your brand messaging across thousands of stores from one central location. In an instant, you can inform and educate customers about your brand, products or specific offers with real-time updates.

Go Interactive

Our interactive touch screens can engage and educate customers and put detailed product information right at their fingertips.

Save Money and Space

Minimize design, printing and distribution costs while maximizing your in-store real estate. Digital signage can also help you increase revenue via branding and advertising vehicles.

CDW offers premier visual and digital signage technologies and the expertise to create a dynamic solution for your stores. Explore our latest digital signage solutions.

business intelligence analytics


Put Your Data to Work

Data is power. When you have detailed insight into your customers’ shopping preferences, their in-store traffic patterns, and your supply chain and inventory, you gain a crucial competitive edge. Not only can you contain costs and maximize store efficiencies — you can also create richer customer relationships via personalized shopping experiences and loyalty programs.

Streamline Data Analysis

With smart data storage, you can handle and analyze massive amounts of data collected from POS transactions and access it at a moment’s notice.

Generate Actionable Insights

Make wise inventory and store layout decisions based on customer preferences and habits. You can also empower store managers and sales associates to collect and leverage customer insights in real time for truly personalized shopping experiences.

Whether you’re just starting out or have hundreds of locations, our Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities, retail knowledge and partnerships with industry leaders will ensure an optimal data and analytics solution for you.



Get a Network That Grows with You

Having the latest retail technologies is great, but without an infrastructure powerful enough to run them, you might as well be using pen and paper. To get the most out of a tech investment, your network should be built for quick POS transactions, real-time product and supply chain information and reliable Wi-Fi for staff and shoppers alike.

At CDW, we have the networking experience and solutions to keep your consumer-facing tech running, your stores online and your customers connected to product and brand information. Explore our networking solutions.


Ron, an aggregation services specialist, helped a restaurant franchise unite 480 locations under one internet provider and broadband SLA.

I was able to bring in a standardized internet connection and put them all onto one invoice. Instead of getting 40 or 50 bills a month, they only get one bill. It makes for much smoother management.

Brent, an aggregation services specialist, helped an international clothing retailer triage and solve router- and switch-based outages across 700+ stores.

We made things much less time-consuming for the IT team. When those lines are down, they might not be able to process sales or returns. We greatly reduced the time it takes for them to repair issues.


Whether you need help with planning and assessments, configuration services, managed services or all of the above, CDW’s experts have the experience to tailor a solution that's right for you and your customers. Before our retail sales and services experts help determine the best products, solutions and services for your stores, we first help you establish success criteria, identify business objectives and create a detailed assessment of your existing retail technologies.




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There’s no one-size-fits-all retail solution. We’ve worked with food service, hospitality, and general merchandise retailers and have teams to support them. So whether you’re a hardware store, restaurant, gas station, hair salon, hotel or any other retailer that faces unique challenges, we can help. And chances are, we’ve done it before.



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