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eProcurement systems from the likes of Oracle and SAP Ariba have made purchasing faster and more efficient for countless organizations. CDW works with all of these partners — and many more — to integrate procurement punch-out/roundtrip solutions that make it easier and more cost-effective for you to work with CDW for all of your IT needs. Whether you already have an eProcurement partner or are just getting started, our experts offer free integrations and vendor-neutral advice backed by 17 years of experience.

Choosing and integrating an eProcurement system

eProcurement helps businesses consolidate their purchases through one interface, decreasing transactional costs and minimizing the risk of error and overspend. But the setup process can be complex and overwhelming. Should you choose a cloud marketplace solution or purchase ERP/SRM software? Do you need to set up an electronic document interchange (EDI)? How do you integrate CDW transactions into your existing solution — and cut your costs in the process? It’s a lot to handle.

Free eProcurement advice and integration with CDW

We've completed thousands of free eProcurement integrations for our customers, creating custom catalogs and pricing with electronic or paper invoicing to meet their needs. And we've helped many organizations get started with the eProcurement provider that’s right for them, offering vendor-neutral advice and insight into our 72+ vendor partners, including GHX, SciQuest and Coupa.

Cost cuts with a side of IT wisdom

Save Time and Money: By consolidating purchases through a single interface, you’ll increase efficiency and decrease transactional and fulfillment costs with electronic invoicing.

Curb Errors and Maverick Spending: eProcurement software features built-in controls that minimize human error and prevent overspend.

Plan for the Future: CDW’s eProcurement punch-out catalog is your one-stop shop for purchasing, reporting and forecasting.

Get Free IT Advice: Your dedicated account manager becomes your single point of contact for hundreds of experts who can help you build IT solutions from ground up.

What You Get with CDW eProcurement Integration

When you integrate your eProcurement system with CDW, you get access to our entire inventory of products and services. We work with you to create a custom static or dynamic catalog with pricing and features that are specific to your needs. See what else you get:

Punch-out and Roundtrip

These solutions give you access to your current CDW punch-out catalog from your organization's eProcurement system. We accept the cXML version 1.2 for Punch-out/Roundtrip and Roundtrip OCI version 3.5.

Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)

We can help you set up a secure EDI through the following methods: FTP, PGP, EDIINT (AS1 and AS2), HTTPS, and VAN. Learn more about EDI.

Our Partners

Learn more about our top eProcurement software and solution providers.

Set Up EDI

Start secure electronic purchasing and invoicing through an electronic document interface (EDI).

the cdw approach

At CDW, we help you maximize the return on your IT investments by supporting the full lifecycle of your important IT initiatives, from assessment and design to deployment and ongoing management.





Whichever eProcurement partner you choose, we’ll walk you through every step as you deploy your integration with CDW.

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