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Mfg. Part: HL856A1 | CDW Part: 3094775
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Product Reviews
HP ALM SUBSCRIPTION 1 YEAR COMP SAAS is rated 3.9 out of 5 by 28.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from The most valuable features are overview, primary requirements, and test cases. Valuable Features:In ALM, the most valuable features are the overview, the primary requirements, test cases, defects, and traceability. Manual applications handle the regulations, so we must have the tracking capabilities. Even some of the core systems are not allowed to go down. It's very important that we know what we have tested and what is working and what is not working. That we can find out from ALM.Stability Issues:Stability is no problem.Initial Setup:The first time we installed it was a long, long time ago. We bought small, five license versions of Test Director from Mercury in 2007 and it has continuously grown since then. Today we have 600 users and 130 active projects. The environment gets bigger and bigger all the time.It's complicated to upgrade. For ALM, we have roughly 600 users. In ALM, we have roughly 130 active projects. So it takes a long time to upgrade. Some of the big projects are 5 GB of data. To migrate that to a new version takes maybe two or three hours, even if we have huge hardware.It's very complicated. We'd gladly like to upgrade to newer versions. We plan to use Octane, but we will not end up in a situation where we have two tools. We would like to, but we must find a smarter way to do some kind of migration. Several of the applications have regulations that we follow and we must be able to track 10 years back. We can't just throw away the data we have in there.If not upgrading ALM, probably they would like to search and would like to find something else. They really need to find a smart way to migrate some part of it. Of course, it's a totally different tool.Other Solutions Considered:We have looked at many alternatives. We have compared ALM to almost everything. We even have JIRA for smaller projects now. ALM and JIRA are two totally different products that are for two totally different needs.For example, we have an on-premises solution of ALM. You have to log into the active directory, so it's not so easy to give to someone outside the company. It's also struggling with different browsers. It's doesn’t work very well on a Mac, for example. The Mac developers and the Mac teams don't like ALM. Now it works much better on Chrome, but we're struggling there as well. They haven't been following the world with browser support. It's problematic to use ALM in Edge, for example.But with JIRA, on the other hand, you don't have any requirements. It's easy to set up. It's easy to start up and have your backlog there. But after a while, you figure out what is going on. For maintenance and for testing, you need a plugin for this, you need a plugin for that, and you need a plugin for something else. It's not so easy to get the overview or the helicopter view of it, if you compare that with ALM. But I understand why some like it and it has some kind of need. I hope we can mine that capital when we upgrade to Octane.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-09-25
Rated 4 out of 5 by from ALM gives us a solution where we can keep all of our test artifacts (such as scripts, scenarios, test data, etc.) centralized. Valuable Features:It gives us a solution where we can keep everything centralized like our test scripts, test data, and our projects. It doesn't matter who is creating the project, everybody can access and execute it. Both our onsite and offshore teams working from different locations are able to benefit from this solution. That's the beauty of it.Improvements to My Organization:When we implemented this solution, we chose to virtualize, so we didn't implement any physical hardware. We're able to scale very quickly for very large projects when we need to run 5,000 user simulations. Afterwards, we can also scale down quickly. This gives us a lot of flexibility in our project executions.Room for Improvement:The web client doesn't match the quality of the rest of the features of this solution. HP needs to improve it.Deployment Issues:There are some challenges we faced during the deployment. But, we've had no major issues.Stability Issues:We've used versions 11, 12, 12.2, and now, 12.53. They've been very stable in our environment.Scalability Issues:We're able to scale up and down as needed. It has great flexibility when it comes to scaling.Initial Setup:There are challenges related to the network security during the set up. But, once you figure it out, solution is relatively easy.Implementation Team:We have done the implementation in-house.ROI:While comparing to the previous solution, this solution gave us as much as 60% cost savings.Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing:Before you start implementing, make a solid plan and try to figure out the challenges before hand.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-09-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from This solution has improved collaboration between our test teams Valuable Features:* Templates: Allows us to standardize fields, workflows throughout hundreds of HPE ALM projects.* Customizable Events drive workflow: Saves a few seconds of time when we set default values, customizable dependent lists. When we translate this to hundreds of projects and hundreds of concurrent users, the productivity gains are immeasurable.* Traceability: Traceability from Requirement -> Test Plan -> Test Lab -> Test Runs -> Defects.* Rich sets of permission settings for different roles.* Business Views: It is easier to pull reports for novice users.* OTA, REST API: Utility for adding users and massaging data.Improvements to My Organization:It has improved collaboration between our test teams.Room for Improvement:* Client-side ActiveX with patch upgrades* Support TDD/BDD* Adding features like Kanban, project plans, resource utilization, and JIRA’s big picture.* Traceability reporting: If HPE can generate a traceability matrix - Traceability from requirement -> Test Plan -> Test Lab -> Test Runs -> Defects.* Defects aging report: A look at how long each defect is from the time it is created and how long it has remained at a particular status.* Reports to build information: Currently, HPE ALM does not support the copy and paste of test instances. *How can we duplicate a test set within a project?* How do we copy a test set from one project to another, and also copy the associated test plan along with it?* Reports on automation:* How do we capture the number of automation test cases as some automation test cases have multiple test cases in each automated test?How do we calculate the ROI of automation?How do we determine which test cases should be automated, because sometimes the effort of automation does not have a good ROI?How do we calculate the ROI of HPE Sprinter if (1) Automated Script generation is used? (2) Mirroring is used?How do we know which testcase is created using Sprinter?* Requirements coverage reports.* Cumulative trending reports for test execution and defects outstanding.* Auto-generation of test summary report.* Inbuild best practices for fields, such as root cause category.* Copy of test sets in the test lab.* Upload of test execution results.* Offline test defects to third parties and sync upon checking in.Use of Solution:We have been using the service for 18 years.Stability Issues:The solution is very stable, if you have the right person to manage it.Scalability Issues:The solution is very scalable, if you have the right person to manage it.Technical Support:The technical support has been deteriorating since the Mercury days. I would give technical support a rating of six out of 10.Previous Solutions:We were looking at other solutions, such as JIRA ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/jira ), due to all the issues I have raised.Initial Setup:The setup was straightforward.Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing:HPE ALM has been sold to Micro-Focus. I am not sure if Micro-Focus ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/vendors/micro-focus ) will be flexible.If no flexibility is provided, you can easily move out in weeks, if you have the right resources.Other Solutions Considered:We evaluated Zephyr ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/zephyr-enterprise ), QASymphony ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/qtest ), XQual, Perforce ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/perforce ), and Rational Quality Manager.For integration purposes, we evaluated Tasktop, Orasi, HP Synchronizer, and ConnectALL ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/connectall ).For automation purposes, we evaluated UFT ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/hpe-uft-qtp ), Selenium ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/selenium-hq ), and Robot.Other Advice:Below is a checklist for others considering a test management solution:* CIO sponsorship* Number of projects* Number of concurrent users* Standardization needs* Ease of control and management* Access rights for individual roles* Event driven workflow customization* Extending beyond test management to TDD, BDD, test data management, test environment, and CI/CD tools.* Focus on where you want to solve each problem and identify relevant tools for each of these.* Availability of skilled resources* Hiring the right resources to manage: There are easily millions of test management users, but it is not easy to find a true-bred expert.* Keep in touch with what’s happening in the industry. You need to be focused and not swayed easily.* Know your stuff.* Support all your users and make life easier for them.* Integration with automation tools, performance tools, security tools, and Jenkins/Bamboo/Team City.* Define the test process that ties in with your test management too.l* Form a training team to constantly train users.* Open API for customization* Export of info to MS Excel.* Ease of migration.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-09-11
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Customization is the most valuable feature. Other products don't have such a flexible tool. Valuable Features:Customization is the most valuable feature. I don’t see other products with such a huge and detailed customization feature.Room for Improvement:The Web UI and the Administration Page need to improve. These are not issues, but areas to improve.Web UI: In some version (I don’t remember exactly the version number, unfortunately), Web UI was introduced with limited functionalities but it was cool in my opinion. Web UI has a lot of advantages and the main advantage is that the customer doesn’t have to install a big thick client on his machine. Web UI is faster, lightweight and easy to configure compared to the on-premise installation. But for some reason, this functionality (all Web UI) was removed in the next release.Administration Page: It doesn’t have any issues. The main idea here is that it was written using old technologies and it would be great to improve/rewrite it using modern technologies. It doesn’t have an impact on the customer, it is more for developers who should support this area.Use of Solution:I have used this solution for five and a half years.Stability Issues:There were no stability issues.Scalability Issues:There were no scalability issues.Technical Support:Technical support is very good.Previous Solutions:Previously, I have used Redmine and JIRA ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/jira ). Switching to HPE ALM was not my decision, I changed my job.Initial Setup:The setup was straightforward.Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing:Just want to advise to use ALM SaaS in case you don’t want to use ALM all your life. It is cheaper and provides you with all the ALM features but for some period of time. Also, you don’t need to install it manually, the entire environment is already installed.Other Advice:As an advise for developers who will develop such applications I would like to say - always try to support the area in an actual state, i.e., by using modern ideas/technologies if possible. Also, listen to the customer's needs, have flexible customization tools and do not forget about performance.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-08-01
Rated 4 out of 5 by from It is robust and the testing tools are beneficial, especially the REST API environment. Valuable Features:It's robust and leading edge. They are always ahead of the pack. They spend a lot on research and development and that’s the reason they make good products.Improvements to My Organization:The testing tools and everything that comes with it is very beneficial; especially the REST API environment that is best-of-breed.Room for Improvement:I am not an end user so I can't really say. But, I would like to see improvement in the price.Stability Issues:The solution is very stable.Scalability Issues:You can use it any way, so I suppose it is very scalable.Technical Support:I am not personally responsible for technical support, but the other team would have used them.Previous Solutions:We have always been using HPE products, so we have just grown with it.Initial Setup:Another team was responsible for the setup.Other Advice:Specifically for this solution, they need to be in a close relationship to co-develop functionality. They also need to know the vendor is there. That is the biggest plus from an HPE perspective.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-01-17
Rated 3 out of 5 by from We use it to test business requirements through user acceptance testing. Integration into release management is missing. Valuable Features:From a testing point of view, it takes us a step closer to automation. Our testing is quite manual at the moment. We can use it from start to finish; from testing business requirements right through user acceptance testing, load testing ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/categories/load-testing-tools ), and performance testing ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/categories/performance-testing-tools ). That's a positive feature.Improvements to My Organization:It has dramatically reduced the number of defects that go into production. There have been no serious outages, nor serious problems where we had to do a rollback or anything like that. The transition into production has been very smooth.Room for Improvement:From a tool point of view, I would like see some integration into release management ( https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/hpe-codar ). That is the biggest pain point at this moment.Use of Solution:We bought this solution three years ago.Stability Issues:From a performance point of view, stability is very good.Scalability Issues:ALM has not directly assisted scalability. I wouldn't say ALM assists with scalability at all.Technical Support:I haven’t used technical support, but my team has. I don't know about their experience with them, but if they were not satisfied, I would have found out about it.Other Advice:Don’t just focus on the technology and buying it, but rather focus on the processes behind the support of the technology. That was our biggest lesson.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2017-01-03
Rated 3 out of 5 by from We have developers, project managers, stakeholders, everybody referring to one single point-of-truth for everything that is related to a project. We'd like a proper web client that has good coverage. Valuable Features:It supports the full test management life cycle. We have other test management tools in place, such as JIRA and a couple others, but ALM provides the broadest coverage from project creation to death.Improvements to My Organization:We have developers, project managers, stakeholders, everybody referring to one single point-of-truth for everything that is related to a project, from requirements, test cases, coverage, defect tracking, and reporting.Room for Improvement:The client installation is sometimes quite painful. You need to register some components on the client that need administration rights, which is really tough on the organization. For each upgrade of the software, every minor upgrade, you need to reinstall the client, which means basically somebody needs to travel around and do the upgrades on each client. Basically, what we really would like to see would be a proper web client that has good coverage. There is a web client, but it only covers a very small part of the product, so you can't use it for the full life-cycle, and so we decided not to use the web client.Deployment Issues:It deploys without issue.Stability Issues:For us, it's stable. We're happy with the stability.Scalability Issues:We have no issues with scalability.Technical Support:We have had a bit of trouble at times and, in all fairness, sometimes we felt quite left alone. We've approached technical support with real problems and either they referred us to "well, check it on some of the Internet based forums", or "look at the FAQ", or something like that. Also, we sometimes feel left alone. In the end, it turned out that we were better off sorting ourselves on some forum instead of contacting support and opening a ticket. We're in a quite agile environment and if a support call is stuck for 6 or 8 weeks, it doesn't help us.Previous Solutions:We were using JIRA before and still are using JIRA. But that is only a section of coverage, so we needed something that has a broader coverage of the process, and the ALM was the choice.Initial Setup:ALM setup was pretty straightforward. We had standard problems like connecting to the active directory and making sure that the missions are set correctly and so on.Other Advice:Make sure you have full acceptance of all involved or possibly involved groups. Make sure that your management supports it and everybody is happy to use the tool and happy to share a good level of information in the development life cycle. This is where, for us, the most benefit came out of it. If you have a defect, you can easily with a mouse click get the full information.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2016-12-23
Rated 3 out of 5 by from One of the biggest pluses is having all your test assets in one place, however the project tracking is a bit complex Valuable Features:Requirements Management, Test Plan, Test Lab, Defect Management, Sprinter, Access control, Versioning and audit.Improvements to My Organization:It has improved our organization as a result of several factors: All test assets are in one central location; Easier to track progress of QA activities; Easier reporting; Easier to assess qualityRoom for Improvement:The project tracking is a bit complex. It takes some time to maneuver around it. It would also help if you could export some of the reports generated from it e.g. the Master Plan.Use of Solution:3 yearsDeployment Issues:NoStability Issues:NoScalability Issues:NoCustomer Service:Very responsive, though we haven't needed a lot of support.Technical Support:Technical Support has been helpful.Initial Setup:Initial setup was straightforward.Implementation Team:Vendor. The team was very qualified, both technically and from a user perspective.ROI:We haven't yet computed the ROI.Cost and Licensing Advice:Original cost was $158,000. Our day-to-day cost is difficult to compute, but it’s very low.Other Solutions Considered:Yes, IBM - CLM.Other Advice:It’s a great product for managing an end-to-end lifecycle process. It’s easy to use once you get the hang of it. One of the biggest pluses is having all your test assets in one place – requirements, models, test cases, test results, bugs, reporting, tracking (it’s unbeatable in my opinion).It's also great that HP has now lowered the Saas cost for ALM - it was too high in my view.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
Date published: 2016-10-25
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