HP Performance Center 2+ Controllers Advanced - subscription ( 1 year )

Mfg. Part: HP743A1#112 | CDW Part: 3704126 | UNSPSC: 43232804
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  • Subscription ( 1 year )
  • hosted
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Product Overview
Main Features
  • Subscription ( 1 year )
  • hosted
HP Performance Center helps you test, analyze, and validate your application performance against business requirements; and mitigate the risk associated with application changes, deployments, and upgrades.

HP Performance Center is a suite of integrated performance testing solutions that can emulate hundreds or thousands of concurrent users to apply production workloads to virtually any environment; identify potential performance bottlenecks; and help diagnose and fix the root cause of the problems. Using Performance Center, testing teams can stress an application from end-to-end - applying consistent, measurable, and repeatable loads - and then use the data to identify scalability issues that could impact users.

Technical Specifications
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Category: Networking applications
Hosted Service Type: SaaS
Installation Type: Hosted
Subcategory: Network - monitoring & performance management

Brand: HP
Compatibility: PC
Manufacturer: HP Software
Model: 2+ Controllers Advanced
Packaged Quantity: 1
Product Line: HP Performance Center

License Pricing: Standard

License Category: Subscription license
License Qty: 1 license
License Type: Subscription
License Validation Period: 1 year

Product Reviews
Rated 3.8 out of 5 by 12reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by We have Performance Center as a platform to share with others that don't do performance testing full-time. Valuable Features:What I really like is our team's core competence in building good tests that really do find issues, because of our full-time dedication to it. We have Performance Center as a platform to share with others that don't do performance testing full-time, so that they in an agile fashion, on demand can go ahead and get real issue-finding testing done; then to go ahead and have that pulled into trending reports so that even subtle differences or trends over time are found and not just game-changing defects. Again, it's a platform to get expert level things done for the masses.Improvements to My Organization:It allows us to on the reporting end show how even though we don't have a smoking gun on this release, and it made everything so terrible that we've got real quality issues, we know when it started and that it's only getting worse. When you're tracking many subtle interactions, this is helpful.Room for Improvement:I know there are integrations with continuous testing. It's got tie-ins to some of the newer tools to allow continuous testing. I'd love to see us not have to customize it, but for it to be out of the box, assuming a central team would control of that test assets; but also very easily give execute only or report only access to non-experts for that that just want to consume it. That could be a standard model.Stability Issues:It's good. It's been around a long time and we've been using it a long time. It's stable.Scalability Issues:We're up to 60,000 users. It's got a good system for being able to take a vast amount of data that you haven't put into a particular report and chug through it. It could take a while, but it's stable at that.Technical Support:It comes up periodically; typically when we're doing something we haven't done before. We actually have a combination of support through them and one of their value added re-sellers, ABNET. We actually get level one support through them, so it's a partnered supported arrangement.We're very happy. Typically ABNET can handle anything unless it's truly about requesting a new feature or enhancement. You need to get back to the product management and developers to request such things.Initial Setup:It has many tiers, it's not a single system thing. You definitely have to take the time to architect it correctly, to have a full topology. I've done it a few times.Other Advice:As professionals, we're supposed to be somewhat tool agnostic. We'll find a way to get it done. That said, it's a mature player in the space. We do enjoy some longtime knowledge about squeezing the good stuff out of it.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. June 29, 2016
Rated 4 out of 5 by It keeps a run log and allows for script and scenario versioning, although trending reports do not always work as I would expect them to. Valuable Features:Performance Center allows multiple users to access and work on a project simultaneously.Additionally, it keeps a run log and allows for script and scenario versioning.I also like the scheduling feature that allows us to manage multiple projects using the same controller and load generators.Improvements to My Organization:I am a performance tester, and I need a product that can maintain my scripts, scenarios, monitors and run logs. Performance Center is my product of choice.Just recently, I used the command line feature to create scripts that can be used across multiple environments. That feature saved me a great deal of time --thousands in man hours over the last year.Room for Improvement:The trending reports do not always work as I would expect them to. I have had issues with transaction times being pulled in correctly.Additionally, trending a test run can take over 30 minutes when it should take five.Use of Solution:I've used it for five years.Stability Issues:Performance Center requires regular maintenance in order to remain stablScalability Issues:NoCustomer Service:The company I work for provides Performance Center support. Orasi has won several awards for their HP support. I use Orasi support when ever I require customer service for an HP product. I have never had an opportunity to use HP customer service.Previous Solutions:I have had the opportunity to use two other products briefly. Unfortunately, I did not have enough experience to speak to this with any authority.Initial Setup:I was not involved in the deployment of any of the instances of Performance Center that I have used. However, I have been involved in three different upgrades for three different clients.When Performance Center is managed properly with proper maintenance, there were no issues with upgrades. I have seen instances of script corruption, user access difficulties and project corruption.It is necessary to have an experienced Performance Center administrator providing regular maintenance.Implementation Team:Orasi Software does Performance Center implementation. I am not a member of that team. I have been on projects where Performance Center was implemented by the client and then Orasi was called to correct any issues.Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an experienced administrator. It may cost more initially but it will save time and money later.ROI:The return on investment is immeasurable. One of my first clients was an entertainment company that called us after their production site had gone down for a day. The reservation system was down for over six hours. They estimated they had lost in excess of three million dollars an hour.Regular performance testing prevents such occurrences. Needless to say they have not been down since.Cost and Licensing Advice:The price tag on Performance Center is a large one. It can be daunting. There are so many options now with Cloud Controllers, using Cloud Load Generators, purchasing VUser licenses by the day or even hour. Additionally, Performance Center in the cloud relieves you of the essential maintenance and administration requirements.Other Solutions Considered:I was trained on HP LoadRunner and then Performance Center. I was not involved in any evaluation process.Other Advice:Performance Center is not difficult to pick up for a beginner. When I was first introduced to Performance Center, I had just started my career as a performance test engineer. It is not completely intuitive though. I believe there are some extraneous requirements. As I mentioned before an experience administrator is recommended.The command line feature allows you to set a parameter value at the scenario level. It can be applied to all scripts in a scenario. This feature has saved me a great deal of time.Disclaimer: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer:Orasi Software is an HP Partner. Orasi software sells HP software solutions, supports all products we sell and provides installation, upgrade, training, mentoring and consultants to use the products we sell. Additionally all of our consultants are well versed in non HP software solutions. April 19, 2016
Rated 4 out of 5 by The enterprise card allows us to use our central software for all our testers who are located worldwide. Valuable Features:The most valuable feature is the enterprise card. It allows us to use our central software for all our testers who are located worldwide.Improvements to My Organization:It's a rather complex product. There are always things that could be better, such as new protocols that allow for more efficient testing and sharing of data across our teams.Room for Improvement:It needs to be able to inform us what our current situation is, that is, what version we're on, etc. This is important because we do reinstalls and upgrades once a year, so that information is still valid for us each time we do that.Use of Solution:We have been using it for six years.Stability Issues:The stability is pretty good.Scalability Issues:It's the right size for us right now for our purposes and we will not grow out of it any time soon. So scalability is not relevant at this time.Technical Support:When you initially file a support case, it's difficult because they ask you many technical question to assess the problem. This takes a long time. I think there should be a better way for HP to know what the situation is so that you don't have to think about it for half a day.Initial Setup:The initial setup was OK, wasn't too complex.Implementation Team:We worked out the complexities ourselves.Other Solutions Considered:I've looked, but I haven't found any alternatives -- including web-based applications -- that are better than Performance Center.Other Advice:It's a very capable solution and I highly recommend it.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. January 14, 2016
Rated 4 out of 5 by With features such as live server-side performance metrics, it helps us with performance/stress testing prior to application deployment. The UI, however, needs improvement. Valuable Features:* Ability to execute performance tests* Live-screen display of test load runs* Generation of performance test reports* Live server-side performance metricsImprovements to My Organization:It has contributed greatly to the performance/stress testing of our application prior to going live and deployment. It gives our project teams a level of comfort and a baseline idea of how the performance of our application will be after going into production.Room for Improvement:The UI should be improved in the next version.Stability Issues:Only very rarely does it do so, but there have been issues with its host going into non-operational status.Technical Support:The level of support from HP is average.Previous Solutions:I have not used any alternative to this product.Initial Setup:Initial set-up of the product was a little bit complex, and setting up the servers was little difficult.Implementation Team:We used a vendor team.ROI:ROI is excellent.Cost and Licensing Advice:It's a little expensive. The pricing is based on on the number of virtual user licenses.Other Advice:I would say that it is a great investment for your organization. Going forward, HP is going to implement many impressive new features in this software.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. November 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by We can view tests at run time, which has helped us to execute tests from different time zones. However, sometimes the Book Time Slot option hangs if I cancel any test or time slot. Valuable Features:The most valuable features to us are--* Ease of uploading the scripts, and* Script maintenance.Improvements to My Organization:* Multiple users from different locations can login.* We can view tests at run time, which has helped us to execute tests from different time zones.Room for Improvement:Sometimes the Book Time Slot option hangs if I cancel any test or time slot. Also, if the results file gets corrupted, then we need to contact HP to get the raw results.Use of Solution:* Standalone PC – six years* SaaS PC – two yearsDeployment Issues:We encountered no issues when deploying.Stability Issues:We've had no issues with stability.Scalability Issues:We've scaled without issue.Customer Service:Customer service is excellent.Technical Support:Technical support is excellent.Previous Solutions:I have used Borland SilkTest, JMeter and LoadUI. JMeter and LoadUI have limitations in terms of the protocols. SilkTest is not as user friendly as Performance Center.Initial Setup:It was not complex, but I needed to consult HP support a couple of times for clarification and for help in registering the load injectors.Implementation Team:We did it in-house.ROI:If the organization is going to test multiple protocols like Ajax, TruClient, Citrix, and SAP frequently, then there is definitely a high ROI in using this tool. If it's only the HTTP protocol being used, then other less expensive tools will be sufficient.Cost and Licensing Advice:It is quite expensive.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. November 5, 2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by We are able to run performance tests for Asia, EU, and the US from a centralized controller. And although it's expensive, it's useful if the usage is across the globe. Valuable Features:We can centralize and execute various performance tests for business units across the globe.Improvements to My Organization:We are able to run performance tests for Asia, EU, and the US from a centralized controller where each team can come together in their respective time zones, build and run the tests, as a test manager can review, and suggest various improvements along with infrastructure teams.Room for Improvement:It's expensive, so could be cheaper. Also, it should have third-party tool integration.Use of Solution:I've used it for two years.Deployment Issues:No issues encountered.Stability Issues:No issues encountered.Scalability Issues:No issues encountered.Previous Solutions:We switched due to common licences.Initial Setup:It was straightforward.Cost and Licensing Advice:It's expensive, but useful if the usage is across the globe; others are pay-as-you-go type license which can be used to minimize the costs.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. November 5, 2015
Rated 3 out of 5 by It gives us the ability to do enterprise-level load tests, although integration with third-party tools could be improved. Valuable Features:* Integrated Infrastructure* Cloud load generators* AnalysisImprovements to My Organization:* Enterprise-level load tests* Great analysis module for resultsRoom for Improvement:* Backend integration* Performance* UI improvement* Integration with third-party toolsUse of Solution:I've used it for the last seven to eight years.Stability Issues:Stability has some room for improvement.Technical Support:It needs improvement.Previous Solutions:We previously used a different enterprise level product.Initial Setup:Complex in installation with many server/mc configurations.Implementation Team:We did it in-house with help from tech support.Cost and Licensing Advice:The price is quite high. It also has expensive licenses, and product support.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. October 23, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Helps us to uncover critical performance-related defects. Almost all the areas improve with each version, however the correlation of scripts, analysis, and reporting can be further improved. Valuable Features:* Integration with the majority of enterprise tools* Scripting* Reporting* Admin Console* Reporting & Analysis toolImprovements to My Organization:This helps us to uncover some very high and critical performance-related defects, and keeping almost zero production issues related to the performance of applications since then.Room for Improvement:Almost all the areas improve drastically with each version; however, the correlation of scripts, analysis and reporting can be further improved. Their technical support could also be improved. Recording of the latest applications is an area for continuous improvement.Use of Solution:I've used it for the last 15 years, and for the last nine years at enterprise level.Deployment Issues:No issues encountered.Stability Issues:No issues encountered.Scalability Issues:No issues encountered.Technical Support:Mercury support was very good compared to HP, however they are getting better day by day.Initial Setup:It was straightforward initially with v8.1 and various FPs for 8.1. However it was very complex with v10. It was due to the way our security suites were designed that made it very complex. The design stage took one month, and implementation was two months, and we had one month dedicated support from offshore.Implementation Team:It was with a mix of an in-house team and vendor support. The vendor team is necessary for the initial setup, and upgrades can be done in-house, but major upgrades need vendor support.Other Solutions Considered:We carried out various PoCs for different market leading tool sets, and chose HP Performance Center because it offers better test suites for our enterprise tools, ease of integration, and it had more collaboration with our existing tool sets. Also, the technology, current & future demands for various applications, was better than the other opetions and they offered better support arrangements.Other Advice:It's generally for enterprise level, however they now offer a SaaS version for smaller companies or clients.Disclaimer: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions. October 21, 2015
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