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Although the first modern projector was created in the 1870s, this now-ubiquitous piece of office equipment is a relatively recent addition to the workplace. It only took 40 years for overhead projectors to go from being cutting-edge technology in schools and businesses to being completely wireless. By 2010, projectors had gone 3D, and the technology had become cheap enough for even schools to afford. Today, overhead projectors remain a vital resource throughout the professional and educational worlds with a broad spectrum of brands and features available to customers.

Computer monitors also have a short but colorful history. In a few brief decades, they’ve gone from unwieldy, monochrome bricks to vibrant, inch-thick wafers that can be controlled via direct touch. It’s an impressive evolution.

CRT monitors ruled the roost from the computer’s inception all the way to the 2000s. Originally limited in color and difficult to read, CRT displays made strides in the 1980s, progressing from monochrome to 16 colors by 1984. Standalone LCD displays emerged in the mid-1990s and by 1997 were actively competing with CRTs, although it wasn’t until 2003 that LCDs managed to outsell CRTs.

Today, computer monitors are breaking incredible ground. Recent trends include touchscreens, 3D, glossy finishes and even curved screens. Users can now enjoy viewing resolutions of up to 2880x1800, courtesy of Apple—a far cry from the 320x200 that greeted computer users in the early 1980s. The much-trumpeted arrival of OLED technology in the early 2000s has yet to materialize in computer-monitor form, but rumors and excitement continue to swirl about its introduction to the computer market. For attainable cutting-edge displays, however, you can check out CDW. From LCD monitors and LED monitors to touchscreen monitors and large-format displays, our selection of standard and widescreen displays can help you save space and energy, and our large-format LCD monitors are perfect for retail applications. And don’t forget to check out our Best Deals for special discounts on both monitors and projectors!

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