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With the emergence of work-anywhere capability, it’s easy to think that all you need to get through the work day is your notebook. But the everyday realities of business require most organizations to keep a host of supporting office supplies on hand. Want to sketch out strategy in a meeting? You’ll need a dry-erase board. Need to dispose of confidential printouts? You’ll want a paper shredder. And let’s not forget the basics—office furniture. To sit, you’ll need a chair, and you’ll probably want a desk to go along with it. And then comes even more office equipment: monitor stands, pens, wastebaskets, and so on and so forth.

So much of our current office equipment seems essential; it’s hard to imagine our workplaces running without them. But of course, it wasn’t always so. Take the aforementioned paper shredder, for example. Although first devised and patented in the early 1900s by the American inventor Abbott Augustus Low, the modern-day paper shredder wasn’t manufactured until 1935 by Adolf Ehinger. The device took off in the 1940s, then climbed in popularity during the Cold War. Within 20 years of creating his first shredder, Ehinger had grown his business into a company with worldwide reach. It continues to manufacture paper shredders to this day.

Even in today’s digital world, office equipment like the paper shredder remains invaluable. To help keep your office running smoothly, CDW stocks a broad selection of furniture and supplies, from computer stands to cleaning wipes, and everything in between.

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