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VMware vSphere with Operations Management

Get the world's leading virtualization platform with insight to IT capacity and performance. Couple it with a backup and recovery solution with built-in backup data replication and get efficient, resilient, and simple data protection.

vDPA File Level Restore

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Which vSphere with Operations Management Acceleration Kit is right for you? View All VMware vSphere Products
vSphere Essentials Kit vSphere Essentials Plus Kit vSOM Standard Acceleration Kit vSOM Enterprise Acceleration Kit vSOM Enterprise Plus Acceleration Kit
vSphere 6 CPUs 6 CPUs 6 CPUs 6 CPUs 6 CPUs
vCenter Server 1 instance vCenter Server Essentials 1 instance vCenter Server Essentials 1 instance vCenter Server Essentials 1 instance vCenter Server Essentials 1 instance vCenter Server Essentials
vSphere Data Protection Advanced       6 CPUs 6 CPUs
Health Monitoring and Performance Analytics          
Capacity Management and Optimization          
Operations Dashboard and Root Cause Analysis          
High Availability          
Data Protection and Replication          
vShield Endpoint          
Fault Tolerance (1vCPU)          
Storage vMotion          
Distributed Resource Scheduler and Distributed Power Management          
Storage APIs for Array Integration, Multipathing          
Big Data Extensions          
Reliable Memory          
Distributed Switch          
Storage DRS and Profile-Driven Storage          
I/O Controls (Network and Storage) and SR-IOV          
Host Profiles and Auto Deploy          
Flash Read Cache          
App HA          

Return On Investment (ROI)

In this tough economic environment with declining budgets, IT is expected to do more with less. With cost, resource, and time pressures, how do you ensure continued innovation while meeting your service level agreements (SLAs)? Take control of your IT and data center by building a virtualized infrastructure. With VMware virtualization, you can see immediate, quantifiable cost savings while ensuring true business agility—the ability to rapidly respond to the changing market environment. In this economy, the question is not whether you can afford to virtualize with VMware, but rather "How can you afford not to?"

ROI/TOC CalculatorVMware ROI/TCO Calculator
Generate a thorough analysis of the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) you can expect from adopting virtualization.

Green CalculatorGreen Calculator
Calculate your energy and cost savings with virtualization and see how you can positively impact the environment.

CPA CalculatorVMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator
The VMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator compares the cost of virtualizing applications on VMware vSphere versus other commodity virtualization offerings (Microsoft Hyper-V/Citrix XenServer). Reflects both software and hardware infrastructure costs and the number of applications on each server.



VMware vSphere 5 White Papers

What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.0?
VMware® vSphere® 6.0 is the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures. It enables users to run business-critical applications with confidence and respond to business needs faster. vSphere accelerates the shift to cloud computing for existing data centers and underpins compatible public cloud offerings forming the foundation for the industry’s only hybrid cloud model.

VMware vSphere 6.0 Licensing, Pricing and Packaging
This white paper explores how with the introduction of VMware vSphere 6.0, VMware is evolving the product’s licensing model to give customers the opportunity to move to a more cloud-like, “pay for consumption” approach to IT. The changes lay the foundation for a more modern IT cost model that is based on consumption and value rather than components and capacity.

Choosing the Most Insightful Operations Management Solution
VMware® vRealize Operations® can monitor performance, optimize infrastructure capacity and perform log analytics, while getting comprehensive visibility into applications and infrastructure. We found that vRealize Operations' competition lag behind in this area.

Managed Services

CDW Infrastructure as a Service (CDW IaaS)

The CDW Infrastructure as a Service (CDW IaaS) is a cloud-based solution for organizations interested in employing enterprise class shared infrastructure elements as a service. Our objective is to relieve our customers of long-term capital investment in IT infrastructure while providing them a scalable platform.

CDW offers a fully redundant configuration: 99.9% monthly service uptime guarantee with the following tasks for a VMware environment. Typical offering of IaaS infrastructure elements includes the following shared elements:

  • Windows- and Linux-based customer-dedicated server instances from our VMware-based cloud infrastructure pool
  • Pay-as-you-use data storage and backup capacity and management service
  • Cloud-based firewall and load-balancing services
  • Highly available tier 1 Internet access

Services Provided Availability Management
Create a dedicated and isolated security context for customer behind seller’s virtualization environment  
Create virtual machine network configuration  
Create load-balancing service configuration  
Create customer with a base virtual server image, built upon CDW’s standards for operating system build best practices.  
Tune processor and memory resources to customer specific needs per machine.  
Install backup client on designated customer servers  
Provide initial include/exclude statements for backup  
Customer to designate data backup directories that should be backed up  
Implement the default backup client configuration unless otherwise directed by customer  

Managed Services for VMware

CDW Managed Services for VMware can monitor and manage your VMware-based virtualization infrastructure at your location or in our data centers with 24x7 coverage through our Network Operations Centers and the 150+ strong engineering team, taking that burden off your IT staff. We offer a 99.9% monthly service uptime guarantee with the following tasks for a VMware environment.

Task Availability Management
Monitor hardware events, performance thresholds, critical services and event logs for errors or issues  
Identify and adjust monitoring to include events attainable through CDW’s monitoring tools  
Conduct monitoring requiring additional tools or scripting outside CDW’s existing tools T&M
Install, test and troubleshoot VMware ESXi/ESXi patches and firmware  
Install, test and troubleshoot VMware ESXi bug fixes, when issue identified in client’s environment, on client’s server  
Install, test and troubleshoot VMware ESXi software major version upgrades on client’s server T&M
Manage and own administrative access including access control lists and related permissions  
Add new peripherals (additional disks, memory, storage, etc.)  
Perform disaster recovery tasks  
Provide backup/recovery of all non-VMFS file systems  
Perform Virtual Machine troubleshooting (covered if Managed Services for each Virtual Machine) T&M
Perform End User and Virtual Machine Administration T&M
Provide incident and problem management for VMware- ESXi related issues  
Performance reports for CPU, memory, disk, etc.  
Hardware Incident Management
Provide hardware support incident management on your behalf with provider  
Identify and verify potential hardware failures  


VMware Volume Licensing Programs

To learn more about VMware Volume Licensing, please contact your account manager or click here to submit a request for more information.

VMware Volume Purchasing Program (VPP)

The new accumulative VMware Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) provides incremental, tier-based discounts for VMware customers over a rolling two-year period.

The new accumulative VPP also offers online tools that VMware customers and their authorized affiliates can use to track and manage VPP memberships and discounts.

VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

A VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) is a method of customer agreement that allows for the purchase of defined quantities of VMware products up front at an agreed upon discount. VMware OEM, VIP Premier, Corporate Reseller, and Global System Integrator partners may participate in the ELA program as an additional licensing option for their customers.

Public Sector Eligibility

State and Local Government organizations are eligible for VPP. Federal organizations and educational institutions are not currently eligible for VPP because federal and educational product pricing already reflects public sector discounts.

Summary of Key VMware VPP Features
Accumulation & Points
Entry Threshold 250 points minimum
Minimum Subsequent Purchase None
Points Accumulation Period Rolling 8 quarters
Points Roll-Off Points earned in a given quarter will roll off the accumulated total on the first day of the 9th quarter
Discount Levels 4 discount levels ranging from 4%–12% for points values ranging from 250–1,750+ 1
Discounts Available On License only
Customers Who Can Participate All customers2
Partners Who Can Participate Corporate reseller; global system integrator; OEM corporate reseller; and premier and enterprise level of the following: solution
provider, system builder, and technology provider partners
Products That Contribute to Point Totals Most VMware products and services except renewals
Membership Info
Membership Timeframe Never expires, but a customer may be a VPP member with no active discounts in place
Affiliate Benefits Qualified affiliates can share accumulated VPP points and earned discounts3
Online Tools
Membership Enrollment Online portal where customers (or partners, on behalf of a customer) can enroll for a VPP membership
Configurator Online tool that helps a customer or partner determine eligible discounts and the appropriate VPP-eligible products to use on a PO
Points Portal Online portal where an enrolled VPP customer or named partner can log in to view their accumulated points total and eligible discount level
  1. VPP discounts are directly correlated to a customer’s accumulated points total. As an accumulated points total changes, so may the eligible VPP discount level.
  2. U.S. federal customers are eligible to receive volume discounts using their current program. Academic SKUs are not eligible for VPP.
  3. The following criteria must be met to determine whether an affiliate is eligible to join a pre-existing VPP membership: 1) The affiliate is at least 50% owned by the parent; 2) The affiliate utilizes the purchasing department of the parent company to purchase VMware product licenses; 3) The affiliate does not publicly trade on any stock exchange under its own stock ticker symbol.

VPP Discount Pricing Levels
Discount Level Total Points Savings
1 250-599 4%
2 600-999 6%
3 1,000-1,749 9%
4 1,750+ 12%
Summary of Key VPP Changes
  "Old" VPP "New" Accumlative VPP
Accumulation of Points None Points accumulate over 8 quarters with quarterly roll-off
Affiliates Share parent discount at band C&D Share parent discount at all levels
Entry Threshold 500 points U.S. & EMEA; 350 points APAC, Canada and LATAM; 100 points public sector 250 points worldwide
Minimum Subsequent Purchase 100 points Commercial, 50 points Public Sector None
Program Coverage VPP for Commercial, PS VPP for Public Sector One program for all customers except U.S. Federal customers
Discounts Available On License and SnS (C&D only) License only
Tools VPP Points Configurator and Membership lookup VPP Points Configurator, Membership lookup, Points Portal, Enrollment Portal