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February 09, 2023

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5 Business Drivers that Persuade Companies to Take Advantage of the Cloud

There are many reasons to move your resources to the cloud. Here are some primary reasons.

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Taking advantage of the cloud in native formats requires an organization to make changes to how its IT is conducted and to its governance model. The good news is there are solutions available today that allow you to manage these changes in a more predictable model which enables a transition to cloud-based computing in a way that enhances operations and doesn’t destroy it.

Which Cloud Business Driver Do You Identify With?

That’s right, it’s possible for your organization to leverage cloud in incremental steps without a “big-bang” approach. The first step is to figure out which business drivers are persuading your organization to take advantage of the cloud.

Below are the primary business drivers that influence organizations to take advantage of the cloud.

Which do you identify with?

1. My organization needs to leverage sunk costs. My organization has well-established environments with scripting, controls and financial policies, but is not in a situation where it’s possible to instantly realign cost structure in a move to the cloud. I’d like to learn about a solution where my organization can leverage its existing capacity while taking advantage of cloud capabilities.

2. My organization needs to improve agility. My organization needs a solution that can improve our speed, the ability to spin up new instances and remove them without the time it takes to source new hardware, additional connections and insert them in data centers that are increasingly overloaded.

3. My organization needs scalability capabilities. My organization needs the capability to scale both up and down at an accelerated rate. Doing so without building new organizational functions, capabilities or standard operating procedures is a plus.

4. My organization is short on staff and needs qualified assistance. My organization is struggling to find qualified candidates and existing staff are often at capacity. I’d like to leverage a managed service provider’s existing skillset with limited impact in training and development.

5. My organization would like to integrate new capabilities and services. My organization would like to be able to integrate multiple solution services but also add services like disaster recovery (DR) to the cloud.

Finding the Right Solutions and Managed Services Provider

As your organization journeys to the cloud, it’s important to find solutions and managed services providers that allow you to leverage existing patterns and skills in the move toward cloud computing.

Why does this matter? Practically any cloud journey takes time. There is no magic snap of the finger. Getting a particular application to the cloud natively is feasible, however, moving large workloads without adding additional skill sets to staff requires time.

It’s imperative to identify cloud and managed solutions that will allow you to move workloads over time, which provides the capability of due diligence.

A Phased Approach to Your Cloud Journey

If your organization identifies with one of the following needs, the right technology partner can help:

  • My organization needs a solution that allows it to control the timeline of its cloud journey and enable executive decision-making so our journey can be as granular as required.
  • My organization needs assistance managing its phased approach to the cloud.
  • My organization needs support with existing services, such as AMS Accelerate or other solutions.

With a trusted partner, your organization can find the holistic services and support that will enable you to take full advantage of the cloud.