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3 Advantages of Modern Endpoint Device Management

Modern endpoint device management means embracing new ways of doing business that are effective and secure. It can not only cut costs in the long run, but also empower your IT staff to work smarter.

With technology evolving daily and customer and employee demands on the rise, it can be difficult for businesses to fully embrace new ways of working effectively. When it comes to endpoint device management, rehauling the old way of thinking is worth the effort, as it can yield major cost-savings in the long run.

Many organizations, especially large ones who have been around a while, still image and deploy computers the same as they did 15 years ago. This is a problem that can only be overcome through proper planning and communication between leadership and IT stakeholders. Once everyone buys in, your organization will be prepared to thrive in the future.

3 Advantages of Modern Endpoint Device Management

When you embrace modern endpoint device management, your company can reap these major benefits.

1. Free Up IT Resources to Tackle Other Projects

The way many of our clients are currently positioned to handle endpoint device management requires a number of IT staff with intensely knowledgeable skillsets. Additionally, when devices arrive at IT offices, administrators need to be present to set them up for operation, which includes the labor of imaging, importing drivers, installing updates and more. This equates to hours, if not days, of work, not accounting for other potential challenges along the way.

The modern way to handle this is to leverage the out-of-box experience and image devices before they ship. Known as zero-touch deployment, tools are available that allow for new devices to be onboarded and deployed without the need for technicians to manually configure them. When end users are enabled to manage devices seamlessly, IT resources are freed up to tackle other pressing work.

2. Ease of Deployment

Having the ability to configure devices through an online portal via their serial numbers prior to deployment empowers your IT staff to better spend their time helping end users in a personalized manner.

By configuring machines to contain only the software and hardware they need at the factory level means more time back in your hands.

3. No More Maintaining Thick Tech Stacks in the Data Center

A technology stack, or tech stack, is a list of all technology services used to build and run a single application or workload. The old way of doing business involves organizations trying — and often struggling — to effectively manage tech stacks by spotting redundancies, performing overhauls and identifying managers to gatekeep lists.

Modern endpoint device management means leveraging the cloud to manage tech stacks. In doing so, you not only release IT resources to accomplish other tasks, but also save on considerable storage/consumption space.

With the increasing implementation of artificial intelligence that will continue to change the way we manage devices and data, getting to a modern management state as soon as possible is paramount.

Need to Rethink Your Device Management? CDW Has the Brainpower to Help

We know that modern endpoint device management isn’t an overnight mission — but once you break down the mentality of “we’ve always done it this way,” you can achieve anything faster than you might think.

Our partnerships with trusted industry leaders as well as our skilled solutions architects can help you solve any problems on any timeline, any step of the way, from ad-hoc support and piloting to deployment.


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Anthony Fonti

Senior Solution Architect
Anthony Fonti is a senior solution architect with more than 15 years of experience in the information technology industry. In the last five years, he has specialized in the digital transformation of organizations attempting to migrate to modern management. At CDW, he serves as a workspace inside senior solution architect, based in New Freedom, PA.