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Are You Prepared to Usher in the Future of Learning?

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Prepare to Improve K-12 Learning Protocols

The future of K-12 learning revolves around the latest digital technology to ensure cutting-edge learning whether in a classroom, at home or anywhere in between. Use this checklist to help ensure your school is ready to create the best technology-based learning foundation possible.

Key Considerations for Deploying a Future-Forward K-12 Education Solution

Does my district’s strategic vision include digital transformation?

Have I included all stakeholders in the visioning process? Do the curriculum, instruction and assessment include digital technology and resources? Have I developed a long-range financial plan to support new initiatives and infrastructure? Have I communicated the final vision to all stakeholders and secured buy-in?

Am I prepared to adequately address professional development needs?

Do I have a strategy for training and instructing teachers and staff on new technology in order to maximize ROI? Does my plan extend beyond devices to include applications and software?

Have I considered how to address all facets of security?

Have I thought about device security and software authentication? How will I ensure security on collaboration platforms like Zoom? Can my infrastructure prevent phishing and malware attacks? How do I protect against threats that originate with student-owned devices used at home? Is my cloud data secure? Can my IT staff keep pace with evolving security protocols?

Have I taken the time to develop an envisioning strategy?

How will I approach IT asset management? How will I ensure my infrastructure is ready to support new technology? Have I designed a solution plan and roadmap to account for rollout across the entire education environment?

Do I have someone I can count on to implement and maintain my infrastructure?

What will I do when it comes time to upgrade technology? What happens if a device breaks or a platform malfunctions? Am I fully prepared to support my investment over the long term? How do I ensure technology quickly scales depending on number of students, yet also optimizes overall cost?

Have I identified all stakeholders to be involved in the decision process?

Have I included all departments across campus so it’s a true solution implementation and not just a technology initiative? Have I been proactive in ensuring I have backing districtwide to make this a success? Do I have all the buy-in I need to move forward?

Embracing a future-first learning approach takes planning. Let us help you get it right.

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Embracing blended learning takes a thoughtful approach. Let us help you get it right.

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