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Demystifying Artificial Intelligence Adoption for Your Organization

When it comes to adopting artificial intelligence to optimize your organization, it’s all about developing a strategic plan first, then incorporating new technology and processes to benefit your workforce and customers.

You can’t begin to think about your organization’s future without thinking about artificial intelligence, and if you haven’t thought much about how to incorporate AI, now is the time to do so.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, but if you break it down step by step, you can help usher your organization to taking an active role in the worldwide evolution of AI.

3 Ways to Begin Your AI Adoption Journey

AI is not only a technology but also a pathway through which to approach a business task. It’s all about finding innovative methods to leverage its capabilities to identify — and rectify — cracks in your operations.

1. Strategic Planning

When strategically planning for AI adoption, approach it from a cultural and systematic perspective. In other words, your chief financial officer or IT staff shouldn’t be the only people on your team thinking about strategy.

Strategy does not boil down to shopping for the lowest price; it means taking a hard look at your processes and understanding how and why automation can impact your productivity and revenue. If you don’t understand every facet of your business, you can’t build an effective value proposition, which should be in sync with AI adoption.

When selling AI in the boardroom, always lead with its business value via use cases.

2. Use Case Development

As organizations across the world continue to optimize with the assistance of AI, which will only get better and enhance human creativity and problem-solving, the cost of its adoption will naturally decrease. But to gain a technical edge over your competition, you should explore, implement and foster positive change with the latest technology as soon as you can.

Regarding change, especially to processes impacting productivity, it’s normal to experience some anxiety. The larger your organization, the more challenging it can be to close any knowledge gaps. However, by establishing a scale through which to measure ROI based on organizational goals, as well as evaluating business applications that help (or hinder) your workforce, you can gain a clearer understanding of how to make informed decisions to earn your desired business outcomes.

Retaining your talent and your customers should always be top priorities, and adopting AI smartly can help accomplish this.

3. Roadmap to Success

With AI technologies and their adoption constantly evolving, it’s healthy to remember that the results the results they yield might vary at first. That’s why when you craft an effective strategy, you’ll have the ability to monitor and adjust areas of your business to improve efficiency while also safeguarding your coworkers and customers.

There are many ways to obtain quick wins across your organization, and your strategy will serve as the roadmap to success.

Need to Make Your Organization Amazing with AI? CDW Can Lead the Way

Whether it’s incorporating generative AI to read product reviews and respond to customers immediately or equipping contact centers with smart agents to free up live agents for more pressing matters, AI’s potential for optimization is limitless.

At CDW, our longtime partnerships with trusted industry leaders as well as our knowledgeable solutions architects can help you achieve any goals on any timeline, at any step of the way on your AI adoption journey.

Anthony  Placeres

Anthony Placeres

CDW Expert
Anthony Placeres is a distinguished architect with over 13 years of tenure at CDW. His expertise lies in AI infrastructure and high-performance computing with experience supporting the financial services, health and life sciences, and manufacturing industries. His passion is to assist customers in adopting accelerated computing solutions to meet the surging demand for cutting-edge AI applications.

Kevin Kaiser

CDW Expert
Kevin Kaiser is a technology executive with more than 20 years in the data and technology services industry. Over the last 14 years, he has been dedicated to helping build a cutting-edge portfolio of technologies, solutions and services to help solve customers’ evolving business needs. He is based in Chicago.