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How Scheduled Callback Solution Reduces Waiting in Phone Queues

Customers have better things to do than to wait on hold to speak with someone — and with our scheduled callback solution for contact centers, organizations can give them back their valuable time.

Recently, a healthcare insurance provider asked CDW for help managing the hundreds of voicemails it received after regular business hours every day. This client’s staff was not able to keep up with demand, and callers were requesting that a representative call them back.

CDW offered a solution that presented callers with an option to receive a callback the next business day instead of leaving a voicemail.

This contact-center solution saved the organization up to 16 hours each day for all agents and eliminated the need for them to check voicemails and respond manually.

Customers have better things to do than to wait on hold to speak with someone. Even with callback capabilities widely available, having to wait an undetermined length of time to get help is a frustrating experience. CDW can help them save time. Our team of contact center experts have developed a robust, scheduled callback solution that results in improved customer experiences.

No Need to Leave a Callback Voicemail

Listening to voicemails and returning calls is a drain on contact center staff. What if customers could simply schedule a callback for a convenient time? With CDW’s solution, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), callers can schedule a morning, afternoon or evening appointment on the same day or the next business day, depending on the contact center hours. Callers will record their names so agents will know who to greet. Most importantly, IVR ensures customers will speak with an agent and not be put in a queue.

Avoid Long Hold Times in Queues

Does your contact center typically have long hold times? Does it play hold music that might make callers want to hang up? Offer your customers the choice to receive a callback when the next agent is available, or even better, at a scheduled time that is convenient for them. Knowing when they will receive a callback ensures a customer will not miss the opportunity to talk with your team, allowing them to better manage their time.

Screening Your Calls

Whether it is a busy signal tone or the customer misses a call, CDW’s solution automatically inserts failed callbacks into a database record that can be retried within minutes. Our purpose-built reports provide details on all scheduled callback attempts, allowing contact center personnel to reach back out to every customer.   

At CDW, we take pride in helping clients save time and money and reduce unnecessary stress with our business communications solutions.

Story by Mike Wydra, Michael Garcia and Patrick Curley

Mike Wydra

Solution Domain Manager
Mike Wydra is a CDW solution domain manager with two decades of experience supporting, designing and implementing contact center solutions.

Michael Garcia

Senior Consulting Engineer
Michael Garcia is a senior consulting engineer at CDW with more than 25 years of experience supporting Information Technology organizations, more than 20 years’ experience as a contact center engineer and over 17 years serving as an SQL developer.

Patrick Curley

Senior Consulting Engineer
Patrick Curley is a senior consulting engineer at CDW with 20 years’ experience building custom solutions for clients.