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Professional Services Can Accelerate A Stalled Digital Transformation

Complexity, resource limitations, and skill gaps impede the digital transformation journey for enterprises.

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In 2022 and beyond, achieving your business goals will be tied to the speed and efficiency of your organization’s digital transformation journey. Yet, for most organizations, digital transformation remains a work in progress, according to recent findings in Omdia’s 2021 IT Enterprise Insight report.

Omdia reveals that CDW helps CIOs with digital transformation

The majority of enterprises (71%) are stuck at various stages of their digital transformation journey, according to the report. Only 16% of respondents reported their journey complete and 13% had not started.

But Omdia’s revelations don’t end there. CDW is “well-positioned to help organizations” with Digital Transformation, explains Omdia’s “On the Radar” publication, a research series providing insight into vendors who could prove to be of interest to tech buyers and users. Omdia says CDW’s portfolio, which includes, infrastructure, development, security services, digital workspace, data and support services, helps CIOs strike a balance between the need to transform IT infrastructure with the need to achieve business outcomes. Furthermore, Omdia recounts the agility of CDW’s staff augmentation’s services and its addition of Sirius Computer Solutions as strengthening CDW’s role as a trusted technology advisor to customers looking to orchestrate complete customer-centric outcomes across the full technology solutions stack and lifecycle.

What is digital transformation?

One reason organizations delay starting and completing their digital transformation journey is due to a lack of understanding around what digital transformation involves. Data is at the heart of Digital Transformation. So, no matter what your industry or organizational goals are, digital transformation will involve the processes, people, and tools necessary to efficiently leverage, secure, store, and analyze your data, which is often collected via The Internet of Things. Omdia’s On the Radar chief analyst recognized that since the acquisition of Sirius Computer Solutions, CDW is now enabled with new cloud, digital and data application services such as DataOps, along with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

What does a completed digital transformation look like?

The road to digital transformation is unique for every organization. However, since the concept emphasizes developing operational efficiencies around new technology to improve the customer experience, it is an ongoing endeavor. But in the context of our current market landscape, the crux of digital transformation is to lay down a scalable and repeatable foundation using people, processes, and technology, which will disrupt your market and spark a competitive advantage. With a deep bench of OEM partners, plus skilled solutions architects, engineers, and certified project managers, CDW is uniquely positioned to guide organizations down the path that best meets their business goals. 

How do I balance IT operations and digital transformation?

Resource limitations, whether to budgets or skilled talent can inhibit CIOs from moving full throttle. Another barrier for CIOs is the complexity to innovate the IT environment while maintaining business-critical systems. “This cannot be under-estimated,” explains Omdia, citing how CDW’s services provide flexible solutions to the short term as well as ongoing activities required to support a digital enterprise. 

Omdia’s survey reveals that CIOs are looking for technology partners that have a range of products and services to help navigate this potential minefield. “The addition of Sirius enabled CDW to expand and scale its services and solutions capabilities, especially in security, and further enhance its ability to solve customers’ increasing interconnected and complex technology challenges,” says Omdia about CDW. “CDW helps organizations fill hiring needs with agility so they can adjust as their business needs change.”

Indeed, our robust professional services portfolio can not only transform an organization’s infrastructure to enhance the collection of data but also modernize day-to-day operations. We will support your IT organization full-time or part-time and whether at the line of business level or at the edge of innovation so that you can focus your budget and internal resources elsewhere. CDW Amplified Services offers full-stack, end-to-end solutions that help accelerate innovation, enhance customer experiences and optimize collaboration, all while delivering agility and cost efficiencies to customers.