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Choosing the Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for You

Wireless mice and wireless keyboards offer convenience and freedom, but how do you find the best combo for your needs? What are the benefits of the different technology options, and how can you find a combo that works together?

Comfort and functionality impact productivity and performance, particularly with tech devices and equipment. If you're finding that traditional USB mice and keyboards are adding clutter and reducing flexibility in your work style, a wireless keyboard and mouse combo can be a great option for your desk. Selecting the best wireless keyboard and mouse for your personal use or office workstation can amplify your efficiency and help you better achieve your goals.

Finding the Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

To find the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for your needs, it helps to first understand how the technology works. Computers can communicate with wireless keyboards with no wires or cords attached. A wireless mouse often comes in a bundle with the wireless keyboard, continuing the convenience.

The wireless capability for both the wireless keyboard and wireless mouse typically derives from one of three technologies:


Computers, tablets, and mobile phones are able to communicate with the keyboard and mouse by connecting over the air using built-in Bluetooth protocol. Bluetooth keyboards and mice can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at once, an advantage over other wireless technologies. 

Infrared (IR)

Devices relying on infrared to communicate employ light waves in an effort to transmit signals to other devices also using infrared.

Radio frequency (RF)

With radio frequency, devices communicate wirelessly using a transmitter and a receiver. In most cases, the transmitter is inside the keyboard or the mouse. The receiver, meanwhile, may be a dongle that plugs into the USB port of the computer or device so the hardware can connect.

Because of differences in battery life, responsiveness and more, the type of wireless technology may make a difference in your purchase decision. Keep these three styles of wireless connectivity in mind as you narrow your search down for the best keyboard/mouse combo.

Features of The Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Different features may seem more or less important, depending on your intended use of the wireless keyboard and mouse. For example, a writer using a gaming keyboard may not be entirely thrilled with the keyboard layout. Consider the following features as you work to identify the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo for you.

Keyboard Layout

The keyboard you choose may have a different layout than your prior keyboard. Remember to keep this in mind when shopping, as it can be really frustrating when that delete key is somewhere other than where it's supposed to be. The keys themselves might also have a different height than what you're used to, such as with a scissor-switch keyboard that offers a shallower typing experience.

Comfort / Ergonomics

Some ergonomic features designed for constant comfort include curved keyboards, palm rests, split keys or the ability to raise and lower the keyboard. Specialty ergonomic keyboards may be able to help reduce the amount of strain on the hands and wrists. If your keyboard comes with a vertical or ergonomic mouse, the pairing could help further reduce the risk of a wrist injury.

Keyboard Size

You may be able to choose between a full-sized keyboard or a compact keyboard designed for use on the go. Remember that smaller keyboards may not have the number pad. The smaller keyboards also may have different spacing or smaller key sizes.

Specialty Keys

Hot keys function as keyboard shortcuts and media keys allow control over volume, screen brightness and more. Depending on your perspective and usage, these could be very useful or they could repeatedly get in the way. 


 Wireless peripherals can be great for travel, so you may need to consider how cumbersome or portable your keyboard and mouse combo is. Can you easily pack it along with your tablet or laptop? Is it easy to keep track of the USB dongle for your wireless mouse? Wireless peripherals are also rechargeable, so either make sure your keyboard and mouse have an ideal battery life or ensure that charging them is easy wherever you need to work.

Specialty Features

Depending on your work or hobbies, you may need keyboards and mice designed for specific tasks. Wireless gaming keyboards and mice are great examples of highly specific designs. Gaming keyboards often offer programmable keys for quick use, and gaming mice are designed with anti-ghosting technology to reduce lag.

You can find wireless keyboards and wireless mice across many different price points. The best keyboard and mouse bundle will have most if not all of the features that make sense for your intended usage.

How to Choose the Right Type of Wireless Keyboard

When shopping for the best wireless keyboard, consider different benefits to help with your decision. Wireless technology lends a lot of convenience to the company or home office setting. Here are some of the key benefits to look for in a wireless keyboard.

No Cord Clutter

Comfortable Typing

Convenient and Portable

Effective as a Backup Keyboard

How to Choose the Right Type of Wireless Mouse

Finding the right wireless mouse comes down to finding the right wireless technology. Check out some of the mouse models below to help you decide what type of wireless mouse best fits your working style. 

Wireless Mouse Options Technology What's Different?
Bluetooth Mouse Bluetooth Technology A dongle in the computer's USB port creates a connection for communication between devices. The Bluetooth style mouse is more reliable and also easy to set up.
Optical Mouse Infrared Technology This mouse has no moving parts, which lengthens its durability and lowers the risk of failure. Response is smoother due to increased tracking resolution.
Air Mouse Infrared Technology Mouse acts like a remote control for your computer and other devices. An air mouse is more like a tech glove that's all tricked out with hand motion features and buttons for clicking.

Deciding on the best keyboard and mouse combo is easier when you've taken the time to explore different options and combinations. Consider the features and benefits outlined in this post to help guide you to the best keyboard and mouse bundle that's right for you.

Ready to find your wireless keyboard and mouse combo?