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Follow These Best Practices to Improve Cyber Resilience in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have intensified their focus on cybersecurity in recent years, but it’s equally important to be prepared to recover from a successful attack.

Healthcare organizations are increasingly under attack by bad actors who can use artificial intelligence-powered tools to circumvent security controls. While preventing attacks through strong and effective security measures remains a crucial aspect of a healthcare organization’s security strategy, it’s equally important that an organization can maintain continuity of care and recover its systems and data after an attack.

Focusing on cyber resilience strategies can help healthcare organizations regain access to systems to maintain care delivery and protect patient data.


Mike Gregory, Healthcare Strategist, CDW

Video Highlights:

  • Cyber resilience is a series of workflows, policies and tools that ensure the organization can maintain a system operationally if it loses one method of control.
  • Backups are an important piece of cyber resilience. However, healthcare organizations should have a full backup strategy, not just tape backups.
  • Healthcare organizations can gain insight into the current state of their cyber resilience with an assessment from CDW.
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