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Three Notable Benefits of CDW Extended Support

Replacing assets once the original equipment manufacturer warranty expires can be capital-intensive and time-consuming—but it doesn’t have to be, with CDW Extended Support.

Business leaders can’t predict everything that will happen to their organization, but they can plan and prepare for inevitable challenges, such as when the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) warranties for their technology will expire.

It’s important to take the OEM warranties for your business’s technology into account when planning and budgeting because they directly impact IT spending. When businesses fail to plan for their OEM warranties expiration, the choice to replace assets can be capital-intensive. That’s when CDW Extended Support (CES) comes into play.

What is CDW Extended Support?

CES provides continuous break/fix support service on equipment that the manufacturers either no longer cover (N-1 or older) or is nearing end-of-service. CDW leverages its partnerships to provide a personalized, reactive support solution with faster response, assignment and resolution for your business’s technology investments.

CES delivers an enhanced experience that provides incident management for covered devices. With CES, CDW serves as the first place to call for resolving covered legacy equipment issues and, if needed, sends an engineer to your business to replace hardware. That means, when things go wrong, your IT team is not left scrambling to find hard-to-find parts online or in the used market.

CES is a single solution for manufacturer support, saving your business’s internal IT staff time and/or unplanned expenses for an engineer to come and replace the faulty hardware.

Let’s dive into the benefits.

  • One place to contact: CDW provides a single point of contact and has end-to-end ownership of all incidents, service requests, and maintenance and hardware replacement support.
  • Full-service onsite and replacement: If, after remote or onsite troubleshooting, CDW determines that a device needs to be replaced, CDW will send an engineer with a replacement part to do the swap.
  • Two support levels: CDW Extended Support has two options to meet your business’s response time needs. You can even mix and match support levels across your covered equipment.
    • Option 1: 24/7 Service & Expedited Response Time
      The service desk is available 24/7, 365 days a year, with a four-hour response time.
    • Option 2: Weekday Service & Next-Day Response Time
      The service desk is available during standard business hours (7 a.m. – 7 p.m. CST), with a next-day business response.

If you’re looking to extend your business’s IT capabilities, CDW can help by managing your most complex, business-critical applications and platforms — allowing you to focus on growing your business and delighting your customers. CDW experts have the knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional support service for your technology investments tailored to your needs and goals. CES ensures your critical technology runs optimally and efficiently while your organization focuses on strategic initiatives for long-term growth and success.

Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee

CDW Expert
Cindy Lee is the manager of support services. She leads a team of support service advisors dedicated to the pre-sales and post-sales support of CDW Technology Support and CDW Extended Support nationally.