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CrowdStrike and CDW

CrowdStrike protects against malware with next-gen antivirus. Eight out of ten attacks use stolen credentials. Understand how to protect your organization from identity-based threats with instant visibility into your Microsoft Active Directory.

CrowdStrike Protects the Public Sector

Crowdstrike's exceptional endpoint protection for the public sector is equip with machine learning, behavioral analytics and proactive threat hunting to stop all attack types, while ensuring you meet compliance requirements.

Next Gen SIEM

Legacy SIEM solutions stay ahead of threats and protect from what you can’t see. Falcon LogScale is your one-stop shop to address security, IT and DevOps logging requirements. With its high scale and affordable price, Falcon LogScale extends super-fast search, analysis and visualization to all of your data. Don't compromise on how much data you ingest and how long you retain it to stay on budget.

Advanced Endpoint Protection in Healthcare

CrowdStrike's endpoint protection technology safeguards healthcare organization devices — desktops, tablets, laptops and servers. It detects and prevents malware, ransomware, and other advanced threats, ensuring the security of critical systems and sensitive patient data.

Secure Your Cloud

With cloud exploitations on the rise and adversaries becoming even more persistent, CrowdStrike released Cloud Native Application Protection Platform built on a unified agent with an agentless approach to cloud security for complete visibility and protection.

For next-gen cybersecurity, get started with a CrowdStrike and CDW custom solution today.

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For next-gen cybersecurity, get started with a CrowdStrike and CDW custom solution today.


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