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Ergotron’s award-winning brands support everyday wellness and productivity by infusing movement into offices, classrooms and healthcare environments. 

Learn how harnessing the power of ergonomics positively impacts employee satisfaction and the bottom line.

Improve the Comfort and Productivity of Remote Employees (PDF)

Create Your Ultimate Workspace

Introducing TRACE

The innovative TRACE Monitor Mount adapts to how each user works and feels their best to create ergonomic, flexible workspaces. It intuitively adjusts between tasks and postures to encourage movement and collaboration, always returning to the natural home position. The modular design and premium, 15-year warranty solidify a long-term investment.


See how the ultra-lean CareFit™ Slim 2.0 LCD Medical Cart easily moves through a healthcare facility and adjusts to the needs of each user.

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Ergonomic and human-centered design principles from Ergotron and CDW•G