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ExtraHop & CDW•G: Network Detection and Response

Our mission is to protect and propagate trust by revealing the cybertruth. Only the network can deliver transparency across today’s blended environments. We help customers detect attacks and prevent breaches, eliminate blindspots and uncover threats other tools miss.

The ExtraHop Advantage

Stopping a breach requires knowing exactly what you're up against. ExtraHop Reveal(x) shows you where intruders are going AND where they've been. We provide complete visibility across the cloud, data center and IoT - even when the traffic is encrypted. Powered by cloud-based AI, Reveal(x) finds threats in real time, with powerful investigation and forensics capabilities that enable you to respond 87% faster.

ExtraHop and CDW

Together, ExtraHop and CDW bring you cloud security solutions that you need to protect your business.

Cloud Security

CDW’s cloud security experts help you assess vulnerabilities and ensure security controls are applied across your cloud environment.

Threat Management Solutions

CDW offers a comprehensive set of threat management solutions and services to assist you in remediating high-priority gaps.

Amplified Security

CDW Amplified Security services can identify gaps in security frameworks and help you maintain compliance and automate routine security procedures.

Call 800.800.4239 to contact us about ExtraHop solutions now.

Call 800.800.4239 to contact us about ExtraHop solutions now.