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About FireEye

FireEye blends front-line human expertise and threat intelligence into security innovations dedicated to defending networks, endpoints, cloud and email.  FireEye delivers detection, protection and response technology through an extensible and flexible cloud-based XDR.

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Helix Security Platform

Take control of any security incident.

To protect against advanced threats, organizations need to integrate their security and apply the right expertise and processes. FireEye Helix is a SaaS security operations platform that allows organizations to take control of any incident from detection to response.

FireEye Helix

Using SIEM analytics and threat intelligence, FireEye Helix connects and enhances all of your solutions so you can tackle any security incident.

End-to-End Protection

Industry-Leading Endpoint Security

Each desktop, laptop and server is a possible entry for a breach, leaving your data, customer information and intellectual property at risk. FireEye Endpoint Security protects your organization with intelligence-led protection, detection and response.

Endpoint Security Overview

FireEye provides a comprehensive endpoint defense against common and advanced attacks using frontline intelligence and experience.

Network Security and Forensics

Effective protection against cyber breaches for midsize to large organizations

FireEye Network Security is an effective cyber threat protection solution that helps organizations minimize the risk of costly breaches by accurately detecting and immediately stopping advanced, targeted and other evasive attacks hiding in Internet traffic. 

Network Security Overview

Email Security

Stay ahead of evolving email threats.

Most email security solutions focus on detecting malware so cyber criminals are adapting their attacks, exposing organizations to malware-less assaults such as CEO fraud. The award-winning FireEye Email Security solution helps organizations stay ahead of evolving email threats that other solutions miss.

Secure Email Gateway


Take control of your multi-cloud security posture.

A single consistent interface can offer a significant advantage when it comes to monitoring and managing distributed, dynamic multi-cloud environments.

Cloudvisory Overview

Work across all of your cloud environments and accounts.

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FireEye XDR

FireEye delivers unmatched detection, protection and response technology through an extensible and flexible cloud-based XDR platform.


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