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About GoGuardian

GoGuardian helps create smart and effective digital learning environments that work any way you want it to, without surprises. GoGuardian is as passionate about keeping kids safe, on task and engaged as you are.

GoGuardian Admin: Next Generation Filtering is Here

GoGuardian Admin is a multi-layered content filtering solution which provides full flexibility for your district’s policies while drastically reducing time spent on configuration and maintenance.  Admin unlocks the potential of the internet for students while helping to block harmful and distracting content.

Not Just Another Content Filter

See how GoGuardian Admin can help you get confident in your content filter with their powerful 1:1 platform.

Open Up the Learning Potential of the Internet

Check out the many features that make GoGuardian Admin everything you need to set up a successful tech program.

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Smart Filtering: Go Beyond URLs and Keywords

Learn more about how GoGuardian Admins can access an advanced filtering engine that uses context-awareness to identify explicit content and proxies while they happen.

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GoGuardian Teacher: Teach With Confidence

GoGuardian Teacher provides transparency into students’ online activity and gives teachers control over student devices so that they can feel comfortable embracing technology in the classroom. Teachers can teach confidently knowing that their students are staying focused and on task.

Classroom Tested.  Teacher Approved.

Check out the many features of GoGuardian Teacher that facilitate focused learning and engagement.

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The Value of Differentiated Instruction

Take a deep dive into why differentiated instruction helps to make learning relevant for each student.

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More Teaching. Less Managing.

See how GoGuardian helps teachers and students connect inside and outside the classroom.

GoGuardian Beacon

GoGuardian Beacon is a suicide and self-harm prevention tool designed to help you identify at risk students in order to quickly get them the assistance they need.

A Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention Tool Built Just for Schools

Hear from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention about the important role that schools are playing in suicide and self-harm prevention.

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