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The best of Google AI integrated into every layer of ChromeOS

Chromebook Plus devices come with the ability to interact with Gemini AI models, the most capable version of Google AI. From browser level, to OS and app level, ChromeOS devices are powerful, affordable devices to help you do more.

Why ChromeOS?

Gain Built-in and Proactive Security

With built-in and proactive security features like data encryption, Google Safe Browsing and the Google-designed Titan C chip, ChromeOS devices deter users from falling hostage to harmful attacks and protect business data.

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ChromeOS Modernizes Healthcare Delivery

Modernize your check in process, health signage, wayfinding, onboarding and training, patient registration, shared clinician workstation, outpatient devices and long term care.

ChromeOS for Your Small Business

With ChromeOS, you can focus on what you do best and let your IT take care of itself. ChromeOS devices are quick to deploy and have excpetional ransomware defense. They deliver 77% more productive time than legacy or other devices.2

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Choose the Right ChromeOS Device

To be productive and do their best work, employees need to be equipped with the right tools. Based on the type of work they do and the specifications required, the Device Selector makes it easy to identify the right ChromeOS device for your hybrid worker.

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Realize your organization's potential with ChromeOS for business.

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Realize your organization's potential with ChromeOS for business.

1 - ESG Technical Review, Accelerating Device Lifecycle Management, July 2020.

2 - IDC Business Value Paper, sponsored by Google, The Business Value of ChromeOS, doc #49920522, March 2023