Jamf and CDW•G

Together, Jamf and CDW can help you connect, manage and protect your Apple devices, apps and corporate resources.

About Jamf

Jamf is the only Apple Enterprise Management solution of scale that automates the entire lifecycle of Apple in the enterprise, including device deployment, management and security, without negatively impacting the end-user experience or requiring IT to touch the device.

Apple Enterprise Management

The Modern Way to Deliver Work Technology

Efficiently deploy Apple devices and deliver empowering work technology to all of your employees, no matter where they are. Everything the end user needs to be productive and successful is launched with the press of the power button. 

Read Jamf Apple Enterprise Management Overview (PDF)

Device Management for Education

Jamf School is a purpose-built mobile device management solution for schools. With its intuitive web-based interface, you can seamlessly deploy, manage and secure Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV® devices.

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Learn Anywhere with Jamf School

Strengthen communication between teachers and students with Jamf School.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) 101 for Education

Get MDM expertise for in-class and distance-learning environments.

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Device Management for IT Pros

Whether you have used Apple for years and have 10,000 users in your organization, or you are just beginning to integrate Apple devices into your organization — Jamf and Jamf Pro make management simple, secure and cost effective.

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Managing Your Apple Devices as an Ecosystem

No one management tool is designed to support everything. This eBook presents the case for managing your desktop operating systems and mobile platforms via ecosystem instead of a single-pane-of-glass approach.

Read Managing Your Apple Devices as an Ecosystem eBook (PDF)

Apple Device Management for Beginners

Apple’s deployment programs enable zero-touch deployment by automating enrollment and configuration from a central location—all without having to open the box.

Read Apple Device Management for Beginners Guide (PDF)

Provisioning and Identity Management

In an increasingly mobile workforce, with employees working from different locations on different devices, organizations need to be able to manage and secure those devices and their company information.

Read Provisioning and Identity Management Overview (PDF)

Why Better Mac Security Starts with Cloud Identity

See how cloud identity is changing Mac security and discover the vital role of Jamf Connect to facilitate the process

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Modern Identity Management

This infographic illustrates that with a complete identity stack, businesses can unify identity across hardware and software to unlock functionality, advanced workflows and ultimately transform business.

View Modern Identity Management Infographic (PDF)

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Endpoint Protection Built Exclusively for Mac

Leveraging native Apple security tools, Apple’s new Endpoint Security framework and on-device analysis of macOS system events, Jamf Protect creates customized telemetry and detections, giving security teams visibility into their macOS fleet.

Read Apple Endpoint Security Overview (PDF)

Filling the Gap: macOS Security

Discover how to extend the existing macOS security model, fill in the gaps, and add the macOS-specific value that security teams need to operate effectively to keep their organization safe from threats.

Read macOS Security White Paper (PDF)

The Guide to Successful macOS Security Incident Response

Learn how macOS security incident response should position IT and Infosec teams to prepare, analyze and respond to the attacks and issues aimed at your Mac fleet.

Read macOS Security Incident Response Guide (PDF)

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Jamf Zero Trust Cloud Security

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Powerful Cloud-Delivered Endpoint Protection

Jamf Threat Defense protects iOS endpoints from being compromised through mobile threat detection, both on-device and in the cloud, as well as zero-day phishing prevention with a first-class app for notifications and remediation.

Read Jamf Threat Defense Overview (PDF)

Build a Zero Trust Architecture with Jamf Private Access

Jamf Private Access is a true Zero Trust Network Access solution that replaces legacy conditional access and VPN technology. This ensures that after user authentication, business connections are secured while enabling non-business applications to route directly to the internet, preserving end-user privacy and optimizing network infrastructure. For IT, deploying servers, managing certificates and configuring IP addresses are a thing of the past.

Read Jamf Private Access Overview (PDF)

Data Policy to Meet the Demands of Remote Work

Jamf Data Policy takes the notion of policies even further. Jamf empowers organizations to enforce acceptable usage policies to eliminate shadow IT and block risky content — while also managing data consumption with real-time analytics and granular reporting.

Read Jamf Data Policy Overview (PDF)

Jamf Resources

How Apple Enterprise Goes Beyond Mobile Device Management

Apple Enterprise Management is a scalable solution to not only support your Apple fleet, but to innovate the way technology works for your enterprise.

Read eBook (PDF)

5 Ways to Facilitate Remote Learning

Overcome the common roadblocks of distance learning.

Read 5 Ways to Facilitate Remote Learning White Paper (PDF)

Deliver Telehealth in Healthcare

Connect providers with patients, patients with families and enable secure, yet private remote monitoring.

Read How to Deliver Telehealth in Healthcare White Paper (PDF)