LG and CDW

Working together to provide solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of your industry

About LG

LG offers innovative technology solutions with the latest digital products and features tailored to commercial environments. With a comprehensive line of award-winning displays and IT products, LG has the solution to fulfill your market needs.

One:Quick by LG​

Digital Signage

LG's suite of large format displays brings your business to the forefront of digital signage solutions. Find a variety of touch screen displays, information kiosks and other displays to suit your organization’s individual needs.

Desktop Monitors

LG's versatile, durable desktop monitors meet the needs of organizations large and small.

Client Computing and Laptops

LG offers various Thin and Zero Client form factors and laptops that add value to your work environment with better performance and lower costs. 

Video Walls

LG video walls are an excellent solution for small- or medium-sized businesses that need a straightforward, eye-catching and effective way to communicate.

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