Logitech and CDW•G

Elevate teaching and learning experiences with Logitech.

About Logitech

Logitech designs solutions that enrich digital experiences. In education, equipping students, teachers and staff with Logitech tools fosters collaboration and engagement. Logitech tools can enable more creativity, and drive learning accessibility and outcomes.

Discover Logitech for Education

Logitech Has Education Covered 

Unlocking the limitless potential of students and teachers is what Logitech Education is all about. See how Logitech supports teachers and nurtures minds.

Logitech in K-12

Elevating the K-12 learning and teaching experience

Logitech in Higher Education

Powerful, easy-to-use Logitech solutions give students the tools they need to succeed - whether working in the classroom or the dorm room.

iPad Solutions

Give students the power to type, create and navigate while protecting their iPad devices at every step.

Chromebook Solutions

Take student experiences to the next level with solutions built and certified to work seamlessly with Chromebooks. 

Windows Solutions

From shared PCs at school to personal laptops, attaching Logitech solutions drives student and teacher productivity and performance.

Classroom & School Solutions

The right classroom solutions remove roadblocks and allow students to collaborate without distraction, all while nourishing the educational experience.

Esports Solutions

Play at your peak with high-performance gaming equipment from Logitech G.


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